What Is TPM And How To Check It?

What Is TPM And How To Check It?

What Is TPM And How To Check It?

 TPM is the big thing holding you back on Windows 11. But what is TPM and how do I check what version of TPM is in use?

Since the release of Windows 11, many have been wondering if they can upgrade to the latest version of Windows for free. Luckily, Microsoft allows users to do that, but when they check computer compatibility, they get this message: This PC can't run Windows 11.

As it turns out, your PC must have TPM installed and enabled to use Windows 11. So what is TPM? And how can you guys fix it to get Microsoft's latest OS?

What is TPM?

This PC can't run Windows 11.

TPM, or Trusted Platform Module, is a hardware-based security solution. These are chips directly installed in the motherboard that protect the system from malware and other attacks. It is also an integral part of Windows security tools, such as Bitlocker drive encryption.

Microsoft recommends its users use a TPM 2.0 chip when they upgrade their operating system to Windows 11, although TPM 1.2 will meet its minimum criteria. Microsoft needed this technology to improve customer security, although many experts believe this specification is redundant.

So, if you want to upgrade to Windows 11, you should know if your computer has a TPM and what version of TPM you are using.

How to Check if TPM is Installed

The easiest way to check if you have a TPM chip is to run the get-tpm command via Windows PowerShell.

To do so, type PowerShell in the Start menu search bar. Right-click on the Windows PowerShell result and select Run as administrator. Click Yes on the confirmation window. In the Windows PowerShell app, type get-tpm and then press Enter. You will see the following results:

How to Check if TPM is Installed

If TpmPresent returns False, it means your motherboard doesn't have a TPM chip. But if you get the following result:

* TpmPresent : True

* TpmReady : False

You can enable the TPM chip in BIOS/UEFI and check if you qualify for the Windows 11 upgrade. That is, assuming the rest of the Windows 11 upgrade requirements are met.

How to Check TPM Version

Microsoft initially announced that users would need TPM 2.0 to run Windows 11. However, they later revised their documentation, setting a minimum TPM requirement of 1.2, with TPM 2.0 being the recommended version.

Now, if you try to upgrade to Windows 11 with a TPM 1.2 chip but not TPM 2.0, you will see a message stating that "upgrade is not advised".

Now you know whether your computer has a TPM chip installed or not. Next, check what version of the TPM you are using.

How to Check TPM Version

First press Windows key + R, then type, tpm.msc. The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) Management window will open. Under the TPM Manufacturer Information window, look for Specification Version. You will see the version of TPM that your PC is running down there.

How to Upgrade TPM 1.2 To TPM 2.0

If you find that you have a TPM 1.2 chip, there's a good chance you can upgrade to TPM 2.0. It all depends on hardware, manufacturer, and firmware, which is why we won't provide exact details on how to upgrade TPM 1.2 to TPM 2.0.

If you search the internet for a specific type of hardware using the keywords “how to upgrade tpm 1.2 to tpm 2.0”, you will likely find some useful search results to guide you through the process.


If your computer has a built-in TPM 1.2 chip or higher, you only need to activate it to be able to use Windows 11. Activation varies between motherboard makes and models. You should check your computer's documentation for accurate instructions.

TPM availability varies between motherboards, but most newer devices have it preinstalled. Indeed, Microsoft has made TPM 2.0 chips mandatory for all new hardware since 2016. However, if you have an older PC and don't have a TPM chip, then the only solution you have is to upgrade your device.

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