What is a Text Editor, Functions and Examples (COMPLETE)

What is a Text Editor, Functions and Examples (COMPLETE)

What is a Text Editor, Functions and Examples (COMPLETE)

 Hello Guys! after you studied the relationship between web browsers and HTML in the previous post, the article that the admin made this time will explain what is a text editor, functions and examples (COMPLETE). The Text Editor itself is an application that is often used by programmers to write code, one of which is a website programmer. Okay, let's get straight to the discussion Cekidot!

What is a Text Editor?

Text Editor is a software application or a computer program that allows you as a user to create, change or edit existing text files in the form of plain text. This text editor can actually be used to create computer programs and edit source code from programming languages. In addition, text editors can also be used to create web pages or web design templates and also create certain applications. This one application software is generally intended to facilitate programming activities.

Text Editor has very small and simple features. But there are also several text editors now that offer extensive and complex functions. What are some examples? Unix and Linux are examples. The operating system already includes a VI Editor (or variant), but many also include an Emacs editor. While the operating system from Windows itself provides a standard Notepad. Even though it is available by default, many programmers prefer other text editors which have more or complete features.

Text Editor function

1. Write Program Code

Text editors are used to create or edit simple copy files, such as today's to-do list or other quick notes. For programmers, text editors can also be used to write program code.

2. Search for words in a file or folder

In processing large amounts of text, the find/search feature is a mandatory feature for a text editor. Of course it's easy to open a file in a text editor and search for a word you want with the find/search function, but what if you want to find which files contain a certain meaning? Opening one file at a time is certainly a troublesome job, even though cases like this often occur in daily activities. With a text editor it can be easily done, namely through the search menu

3. Sort Existing Data

In general, sorting data for programmers is related to numbers or numbers, sort of sorting numbers from largest to smallest or vice versa. But indeed, sometimes you as a programmer also want to sort text data according to personal needs in a special order. This is where an advanced level text editor can also function to make your work easier.

4. Comparing One File to Another

The last text editor function is to compare two files. Suppose you have two files that seem the same at first glance, but there are differences in the contents of the two files that are difficult to track down manually. So, that way you certainly need help from a tool to compare and show what the differences are between the two files. This is also the role of the text editor.

Example Text Editor


Notepad is the original default editor from windows/Microsoft. For users of the Windows Operating System, they must be used to seeing or using this application. Usually for beginners it is recommended to use notepad ++. has a coloring feature on certain codes so that it will make it a little easier for users.

2. Sublime-Text

Sublime Text is an editor application for web programmers, supports various programming languages and is able to present syntax highlight features in almost all programming languages supported by this sublime text. It has many features to make it easier for users such as eye catching, which is an attractive appearance and is also a lightweight application.

3. Atoms

Atom is an open source text editor available for OS X, Linux, and Windows platforms. Atom is made by GitHub and claims to be a text editor that can be customized by changing the configuration file. This Atom is similar to Sublime Text, because it is made using Sublime Text as a reference. Atom is modular, so you can install additional plugins.

4. Vim

Vim or Vi Improved is the best text editor which is very powerful. This application allows you to do everything using only the keyboard and armed with shortcuts. With Vim you can change text in a document, move, delete lines, auto-change, and much more without having to use the mouse.

5. Brackets

Brackets is a text editor specially developed for web design and front-end development purposes. Project Brackets is carried out by Adobe in an open source manner and is actively developed by the web developer community.


Text Editor is software used by a programmer in writing program code. In general, some text editors only have the function of writing the desired program code without any supporting tools for integration.

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