What is the shell in a computer

What is the shell in a computer

What is the shell in a computer

 Many people have heard of the word shell in a computer but don't know what it really is. In this article, we will discuss what a shell is in the computer world.

What is Shell

A shell is a macro processor or command language interpreter that translates commands, written by the user in the terminal, into executed system actions, which can also be automatically executed in programs called Shell Scripting. The shell predates the mouse, as it was the only way to interact with computers at that time.

The shell isn't an operating system either. It's a way to interact with the operating system and execute commands. The terminal window on our computer contains a shell that allows us to process information, store or retrieve data and much more by interacting with the computer through entering commands. As an example:

* Fetch a list of files or directories

* Search for today's date and time

* Get current directory location

* Create, copy or delete files

* Sorting files

The term shell comes from the use of consoles under the UNIX operating system in the 70s, where they were connected to a central computer and started working there. With the rise of GNU / Linux distributions, users have several types of shells available and some of them are: sh, csh, ksh, etc.

Shell Type Type

As the admin mentioned earlier, shells actually have various types, but on Unix there are only 2 main types of shells, namely Bourne Shell and C Shell.

1. Bourne Shell

The Bourne Shell (sh), written by Steve Bourne at AT&T Bell Labs, is the original UNIX shell. It is the preferred shell for shell programming because of its compactness and speed. The disadvantage of the Bourne shell is that it lacks features for interactive use, such as the ability to remember previous commands (history).

The Bourne Shell lacks built-in arithmetic and logical expression handling. But Bourne shell is also the default Solaris OS shell. This is the standard shell for Solaris system administration scripts.

2. C Shell

The C shell (csh) is a UNIX enhancement written by Bill Joy at the University of California at Berkeley. Features included for interactive use, such as aliases and command history. Includes easy-to-use programming features, such as built-in arithmetic and expression syntax. C-like .

What is Shell Scripting

In the simplest terms, a shell scripting is a file that contains a series of commands for the shell to execute. The shell reads this file and executes commands as if they had been entered directly on the command line.

It can combine long and repetitive sequences of commands into a single, simple script, which can be saved and executed at any time. This reduces the effort required by the end user.

Because with thousands of commands available to command line users, how can we remember them all. We need computer power to do the job. To do so, we can use the power of this shell script to automate these things.

Actually the shell is somewhat unique, because it is a powerful command line interface to the system and scripting interpreter. Most things that can be done on the command line can be done in scripts, and most things that can be done in scripts can be done on the command line.


So what is a shell? Simply put, the shell is a software interface used by the Command Line Interface (CLI) that allows the user to interact with the computer. Usually it deals with files and programs, but some more sophisticated shells allow you to perform complex program-like operations. Some examples of shells are sh, csh, ksh, and many more.

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