What is Inspect Element? Here's the explanation

What is Inspect Element? Here's the explanation

What is Inspect Element? Here's the explanation

 In a web browser there is a feature called Inspect Element. We can access this Inspect Element feature by right-clicking, then selecting Inspect Element, or you can also press the F12 key. When we open the Inspect Element we will be shown a screen with written HTML and CSS codes. But most people don't know What is Inspect Element? and for what function. The following is an explanation of the Inspect Element.

What is Inspect Element?

Inspect Element is a browser tool that lets you view and edit HTML & CSS web content. However, any edits you make will only appear on your private screen, and persist until you log out. That is, you don't make any permanent changes to the website, you can only customize it for now.

Inspect Element function

Let's say you are just starting out with coding. You visit a web page, and you notice that there is an element on the site that really catches your eye. Maybe it's something you're interested in putting on a page you've been working on, maybe it's something cutting edge that you haven't considered before. Anyway, you guys are curious about the code. So, you guys use Inspect Element to see what's really going on.

Or, let's say you're in the process of coding your own page. Inspect Element lets you preview changes without actually applying them. Allows to easily identify and fix broken code. Because the inspect element gives you the power to change any text on the page.

And, if you are interested in optimizing your pages for better search engine rankings (a key factor in digital marketing), using the Inspect Element on competitors' pages can give you an idea of what keywords they are focusing on. You can also use this tool to test the loading speed of your site.

These are just a few examples of what you can use Inspect Element for. Simply put, other inspect element functions like:

* CSS experiment site.

* Responsive web testing.

* Measure web speed.

* Learn what makes a website run.

* Looking for broken code.

* Mimic what color and font changes look like.

Why Should I Use Inspect Element?

If you've never peeked at website code out of curiosity, you're probably wondering why you should learn how to use Inspect Element.

* Designer: Want to preview how your site design will look on mobile? Or want to see how a different shade of green would look on the sign up button? you can do both in seconds with Inspect Element.

* Marketers: Want to know what keywords competitors are using in their site headers, or want to see if your site is loading too slowly for Google's PageSpeed test? Inspect Element can show both.

* Author: Tired of obscuring your name and email in screenshots? With Inspect Element, you can change any text on a web page in a second.

* Support Agent: Need a better way to let developers know what needs fixing on the site? Inspect Element lets you create quick sample changes to show what you're talking about.

How to use Inspect Element

Step 1: Screenshot What You Want

Let's say you're writing a blog post and you want to show an example of how the new Facebook layout will look on your profile. You can use Inspect Element to change your name on Facebook, and that screenshot, so you don't reveal your personal information.

Step 2: Highlight The Area You Want To Edit

Highlight the copy you want to convert, right-click, and select "Inspect Element" from the options. By hovering over the actual component of the page you want to change, you can ensure Element Inspect opens to the exact place of the code you want to change. You will now see a series of <div> and <a> tags. Scan the line of code to see the page text you want to edit.

Step 3: Customize the Copy

Double-click on the line of code, edit the copy to read as desired, and hit enter. Then your screen is now updated with the copy you want to display. This will go on until you hit refresh or exit the browser, because you are only editing elements on your page, not the actual site or product. Mac users can use Command + 3 to take a screenshot. Most PCs should have a “Clipper” tool to do this, otherwise Evernote also provides screenshot functionality.


So what is Inspect Element? Inspect Element is a feature of the web browser to view the HTML and CSS code that is on the website page. And usually used to find broken code or to imitate the appearance of the website page.

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