What is an FTP Server and how does it work?

What is an FTP Server and how does it work?

What is an FTP Server and how does it work?

 We may realize that in the world of the internet, data can be interconnected and enjoyed by everyone. In fact, not all servers connected to the internet have the same OS. To make all of that possible, the FTP protocol was created. Then What Is An FTP Server And How Does It Work?

Definition of FTP

File Transfer Protocol or commonly known as FTP is a type of protocol that is currently quite popular in transferring data in cyberspace, be it uploading or downloading. Besides being accessible and operated by various machines with different platforms, FTP also supports authentication and data publication with several access policies that can be customized. The FTP server service by default uses port 21 or commonly referred to as the command port. Because it specifically handles communication and transfer sessions and commands between the client and the server.

How FTP Servers Work

FTP Server is a solution used to facilitate file transfers on the internet. If you send files using FTP, they can be uploaded or downloaded to the FTP server. When you upload files, they are transferred from your personal computer to the server. When you download files, they are transferred from the server to your personal computer. TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), or the language the internet uses to execute commands, is used to transfer files via FTP.

Requirements for Using FTP

1. Availability of a good quality network connection, both local network and internet scale.

2. Configuring firewalls on the client and server sides that allow communication and data transfer sessions to occur.

3. The FTP server application has been set up and working properly according to the needs of the server computer.

4. Availability of FTP client applications that can be used to access, manage, and transfer data on FTP servers, such as FileZila, Core FTP, Cyberduck, Cute FTP, and so on. However, FTP servers can also be accessed using a web browser, Windows Explorer and several web editor tools such as Dreamweaver which are connected to certain FRP servers.

5. Accessing FTP server services is always preceded by calling the protocol, namely FTP://

6. To be able to display published data on the FTP server, the authentication mode must be known first, it is anonymous or based on a certain account where the user logs in by entering a username and password.

Benefits of FTP

1. Allows for data transfer (upload and download) with a large enough size

2. Assist in managing website content without the difficulty of thinking about direct access to the server.

3. Allows administrators to do indirect or implicit remove computers.

4. If the connection is lost, the data transfer process will not be lost or start from the beginning again.

Weaknesses of FTP

The main drawback of FTP is that the connection is not encrypted, it can cause vulnerabilities and can be done sniffing data and accounts so that there are many cases of hacking on FTP server-based services. Therefore, the SFTP method appears which combines SSL as a connection data encryption mode.


So What Are FTP Servers? A computer that has an FTP address and is dedicated to accepting FTP connections. FTP servers also require a TCP/IP network to function and depend on using a dedicated server with one or more FTP clients. To ensure that connections can be made at any time from the client, the FTP server is usually turned on. FTP server is also an important component in the FTP architecture and helps in exchanging files over the internet.

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