What is Denuvo Protection and why gamers hate it

What is Denuvo Protection and why gamers hate it

What is Denuvo Protection and why gamers hate it

 Denuvo is a brand of Digital Rights Management (DRM) created by Denuvo Software Solutions, which is used to reduce game piracy. The software has been heavily criticized, even as gamers have been pissed off about Denuvo for years. According to several tests, it turns out that Denuvo can slow down a game. Why did it happen? To find out the answer, you must first know what Denuvo Protection is.

What is Denuvo Protection?

Denuvo is a digital rights management (DRM) solution for game developers. They can license Denuvo and integrate it into their PC games. If they do, Denuvo software provides anti-piracy protection. It is designed to make it more difficult for people to "break" games and distribute them for free. According to Denuvo, it "stops the reverse engineering and debugging" needed to break the game.

No anti-piracy solution is perfect, but Denuvo promises “the longest crack-free release window.” In other words, game developers hope their game won't crack for a while, forcing people who might pirate the game to buy it if they want to play the game without waiting.

Denuvo is not additional software installed on your computer, and you will not see it in the list of installed software. Games using Denuvo have Denuvo anti-piracy software integrated into their code. If the game is running, Denuvo is running as part of the game. Anyone who wants to crack the game has to go through Denuvo protection, which makes that process more difficult.

Does Denuvo Slow Down Game Performance?

Fair-minded gamers, want game developers to make money selling their games. But that's not the case. As is often the case with anti-piracy solutions, gamers have long objected that Denuvo creates problems for paying customers. Denuvo claims this is bullshit. Denuvo's official website says, "Anti-Tamper has no discernible effect on game performance, and Anti-Tamper is not to blame for any game executable crashes."

But there is much evidence to the contrary. TEKKEN 7's director blamed Denuvo's DRM for performance issues in the PC version of the game. Several game developers have removed Denuvo from their games after release. Overlord Gaming ran several benchmarks on the Denuvo and non-Denuvo versions of these games. As Extreme Tech noted, Denuvo caused performance issues in nearly every game it tested. From longer load times to dropping frame rates, Denuvo's protection seems to slow things down. Performance sometimes increased by 50% after Denuvo was removed by the developer.

Does Denuvo Stop Crack

It's obvious why gamers don't like Denuvo. But game developers keep using it because it slows down crackers and makes piracy more difficult sometimes. You can see how long it will be before a Denuvo game gets cracked. Some games, such as DOOM, were scrapped the day they were released. Some, like Sonic Mania, cracked a week after they were released. Even Crackwatch has listed another Denuvo 2019 title that also cracked in no time. This includes Devil May Cry 5, which cracked on day one. Metro Exodus took four days, and Resident Evil 2 was beaten in six days, as was Far Cry New Dawn. Ace Combat 7, meanwhile, took 13 days. But there are also some Denuvo protected games that are successful in cracking for a long time like Assassin's Creed: Origins not cracking for 99 days.

That's a big deal for game developers. This means players will have to buy the game if they want to play it within the first three months, which in theory ensures more sales. The Denuvo website proudly displays a quote attributed to Square Enix: "It's thanks to you guys that people have to buy the game." Even if Denuvo causes problems for legitimate players, it's easy to see why game developers continue to choose to use it in their games.


So What Is Denuvo Protection And Why Do Gamers Hate It? Denuvo is an anti-temper technology or software to protect against piracy in the gaming industry. Denuvo is hated by gamers because it slows down the performance of a game and Denuvo is also quite strong in protecting game piracy although not all of them, that's why gamers who often play cracked games don't like it.

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