What Is Delphi Programming?

What Is Delphi Programming?

What Is Delphi Programming?

 Surely some of you have heard of or even tried Delphi programming. Delphi itself, officially known as Embarcadero Delphi, is a proprietary programming language and software development kit (SDK) from Embarcadero Technologies. Then What Is Delphi Programming?

What is Delphi?

Delphi is a strongly typed, high-level programming language based on Object Pascal that supports object-oriented programming. It can also incorporate code written in assembly language and other low-level languages, giving Delphi indirect access to machine hardware.

Its main strength is that it compiles very quickly, meaning that Delphi applications with relatively large code bases can be compiled and run on machines with limited resources. Delphi development over time has always emphasized backwards compatibility. However, full backwards compatibility has not been maintained due to the addition of the compatibility break feature in newer language versions.

History of the Delphi Programming Language

Delphi itself is a programming language based on the Pascal programming language, currently Delphi, the initial designer of this programming was Borland and then developed by Embarcadero Technologies, Delphi is used if we are going to make desktop-based programming, Delphi programming is also RAD (Rapid Application Development) or in other words we can make applications quickly, but behind its strength there is one weakness that I feel when using this programming, namely when making the interface of the application which seems stiff, even so we can still change the appearance of the application that we make using a different theme. provided by delphi, but still it looks clunky. The software used is RAD Studio.

Examples of Using the Delphi Programming Language

In making the application, we are facilitated by the drag and drop function, where we simply select the component to be used, then drag and drop it on the form that is already available. Easy right?, but for some cases we still have to create lines of code for the application.

What Is Delphi Programming? 3

Delphi interface example

The image above is an example of the Delphi Community Edition interface, I suggest you download this version if it is only used for learning or to create a simple program, but if you want to make a project for a company that will make money, I suggest buying the Pro. nya, because there are several features that are not provided in the community edition version.


In conclusion, Delphi programming is programming that is suitable for projects with short processing time as well as a simple interface and for a range of systems ranging from simple to complex.

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