What Is Creepypasta And Examples?

What Is Creepypasta And Examples?

What Is Creepypasta And Examples?

 Don't you know the meaning of "creepypasta"? The admin explains what a creepypasta is and gives an example, plus shows you where to find this story.

It is undeniable that there are many terms on the internet that don't make sense. One of them is creepypasta. Let's see what a creepypasta is, including some examples, so you can better understand the meaning of this creepypasta.

What is Creepypasta?

The definition of a creepypasta has evolved over time. Initially this word referred to short horror stories usually written by an unknown author, then copied and pasted on the internet. This is where its name comes from. This is a new word formed from the combination of the words "creepy" and "copypasta". Copypasta or what we call Copy Paste is a block of text copied and pasted on the Internet by someone via online forums and social networking sites.

However, creepypasta can now refer to almost any horror story on the internet. They can be short or very long, spanning several chapters. Now senders also often attach their names to stories when they write creepypastas.

It's important to note that creepypastas are fictional stories, think of them like urban legends. If you think that this story really happened. Usually the way they write is similar to flash fiction so that the story seems impossible.

Creepypasta example

Ben Drowned

One of the most famous creepypasta is the story of Ben Drowned. This is a multi-part story that began in 2010. The story begins by telling the tale of a student who buys a suspicious copy of the Nintendo 64 game The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The cartridge still contains the previous owner's save file, named "Ben."

When the new owner started playing it, he noticed some strange glitches. As he continues, he encounters even stranger issues and darker themes, including a sinister statue of Link following him around. It is revealed to be the ghost of BEN, the game cartridge's previous owner, who is immersed in real life.

The story of Ben Drowned is one of the most followed creepypasta of all time, including the last arc which ended in 2020. It is well documented online. Many similar video game-based creepypastas, such as Sonic.exe, are based on a similar notion of haunted game cartridges.

Slender Man

Slender Man is another famous creepypasta that spans a variety of media. Tells of a scary figure named Slender Man, who is thin, tall, faceless, and wears a suit. Stories about this creature are reminiscent of stories about him stalking and kidnapping children. Many video games, stories, and even movies include Slender Man in them.

Where to Find Creepypasta

If you're interested in finding and reading more creepypastas, there are plenty of places you can find them on the internet to look for them.

You can visit Creepypasta.com. There you can see the latest stories, as well as those that are highly rated by other users or are considered the most famous of all time. There is also /r/Creepypasta on Reddit, which contains creepypasta stories as well as related pictures and discussions or you can also visit Famdom Creepypasta.


Now you know what a creepypasta is. The origin of creepypasta are fiction stories in the horror or mystery genre, which usually leave a scary impression that often affects the psychology of the reader. If you like fictional horror stories, Creepypasta.com is the piece of the web that you should check out.

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