What Is Coding And How Does It Work?

What Is Coding And How Does It Work?

What Is Coding And How Does It Work?

 Code is very important to computers. Nearly every electronic device we use relies on codes. Maybe the workings of each code is quite confusing, but when we break it down it's actually simple. People who create code are called programmers, coders or developers. They all work with computers to create websites, applications and even games! This time we will learn about what is coding and how does it work?

What Is Code?


Computers have their own language called Machine Code which tells them what to do. Maybe this code won't make sense to humans! Each number or letter tells the computer to change something in its memory. This can be a number or word, or a small part of an image or video. By itself, the computer doesn't know how to do anything. It's the programmer's job to give them instructions.

We should learn Machine Code, but that will take a long time! Fortunately, many experts in the IT field have created several programming languages so that we can more easily communicate with computers.

What is a Programming Language?

What Is Code

Now, this looks a little easier to understand! This image shows how to tell the computer to say Hello World. Rather than using machine code, this uses the Python programming language and this is a widely used programming language.

Almost all programming languages work in the same way which is:

1. We write code to tell it what to do: print (“Hello World”) .

2. The code is compiled, which converts it into machine code that the computer understands.

3. The computer executes the code, and writes Hello World back to us.

There are hundreds of different programming languages which can get confusing, but they all do the same thing. We type what we want to do, the compiler converts it into the language the computer understands, and then the computer does it, which is called executing the code in programming speak.

What is Coding?

What is Coding

Coding is the process of using a programming language to make computers behave the way we want them to. Each line of code tells the computer to do something, and a document full of lines of code is called a script.

Every script is designed to do the job. The job is possible to take an image and resize it. Maybe play a certain sound or music. When we click like on someone's post on social media, it's the script that makes it happen. Unlike other people, the computer will do what we tell it to.

This may sound great, but it can cause problems. If we tell the computer to start counting up, and don't tell it to stop, it will keep counting forever! Being a good programmer is all about knowing how to tell the computer to act.

What is a Program?

Scripts themselves can only do things if they are compiled and then executed. This is useful while we're still working on it, but when we're done, we want people who aren't programmers to be able to use our scripts. What we need is to turn our script into a program.

When we are satisfied with our script, we can compile it into a program. As we already know, compilation converts the code from our programming language into Machine code that the computer can understand. Then the machine code is stored in a program that anyone can download and use. Every kind of application, game or website is a program.

Is Coding Difficult?

Is Coding Difficult

Coding can be very simple, and anyone can learn the basics. A good analogy is to think of coding like books in a library. Some books use simple language, and the stories are easy to understand. Others use very complex words and have stories that seem absurd. Whether it is simple or hard to read, they are all books.

The more books we read, the better we get. Complex language or confusing stories are getting easier to understand until one day we can read things we never even dreamed of in the past!

Learning to code is the same way. The first time we try to code we find it difficult, but each time we do it we get better. If we find learning a programming language difficult, we can still learn the important ideas behind it using a visual coding language. We can even create a game without typing any code!

What the Code Looks Like

View of the PyCharm Python Code Editor

The image above shows a script named Website Name. We've seen that a single line of code can make a computer print to the screen. Let's say we want the user to type in their name, and for the computer to greet them with the name? Let's break down what's going on here.

1. When the script starts, the computer prints a question to the screen.

2. Then the computer waits for the user to enter their website name, and saves it.

3. “Hello” prints to the screen, along with the saved website name.

4. In the PyChram window, the script compiles and executes using Python .

5. The script runs exactly as designed, before exiting.

This example shows a simple piece of code written in a code editor.

Why Code Is Everywhere

The rapid technological advances that we have witnessed over the last few decades have far-reaching effects on how everything works. We have to look beneath the surface, where the most significant changes are taking place. Computers are replacing millions of man-hours and analog machine warehouses with systems that are faster, safer, and more reliable.

Since computers run on code, it's obvious why it can be found everywhere. Computers will continue to replace obsolete technology in everything from microwaves to power generators, and the presence of code in our everyday lives will increase.

How Code Becomes Program

How Code Becomes Program

If you are completely new to code, you may still be wondering how a script like the one above became the type of program you are used to. In the image above, the window on the left is a tool for converting Python scripts into programs.

From no code, to the finished program. This example is very simple, but it's how almost all coding works. Every day, people use the programming languages they have learned, to write scripts, which will become the programs we all use.


So What Is Coding? Coding is basically a computer language used to develop applications, websites and software. Without it, we would not have the main technologies we rely on such as Facebook, smartphones and the browsers we choose to view our favorite blogs. All of these technologies work by using code.

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