What Is Bootloop And How To Overcome It?

What Is Bootloop And How To Overcome It?

What Is Bootloop And How To Overcome It?

 When your computer or smartphone keeps on rebooting, you are stuck in a never-ending “bootloop”. So what is bootloop and how to fix it?

We probably use computers and smartphones almost every day. And most of the time, our computers and smartphones work flawlessly.

Sure, the device will get slower over time and start to lose battery life more quickly, but for the most part, it lasts a long time. However, some technical issues, such as bootloops, often signal the end of your device's life or, at the very least, a critical error.

But what is bootloop? How did the device go from being fine to being stuck in a bootloop? And can we fix it?

What is Bootloop?

In the simplest explanation, bootloop is a condition when a computer or smartphone is stuck in repeated reboots. The term "bootloop" is just a more general way of saying "reboot loop".

When you restart your computer or smartphone, they have a series of tasks that must be completed to turn on and fully function. So all you see on the smartphone screen is only the logo of your cellphone provider or your cellphone logo. The same goes for computers.

In other cases, your device completes all the required tasks, everything powers on properly, and the device runs without issues. But sometimes, there is a critical error in the activation process which causes the phone to crash.

Consider this simple method. If there are no clear indicators of what's wrong, you usually restart your device, and usually the problem is fixed with this simple restart.

When your device is stuck in a bootloop, it's your device's way of trying to “turn it off and on again” to fix the problem. But, of course, because there was a problem in the boot process, it would keep getting the same error over and over again. But what exactly is the cause of the bootloop?

What Causes a Bootloop to Occur?

There are a number of different reasons why a bootloop might occur, but they all usually involve some sort of change to the system prior to the reboot cycle.

Most issues are software related, related to faulty system updates, new drivers or programs not plugging in, or malware getting onto the device between restart cycles.

But sometimes, a bootloop can start due to an underlying hardware problem with your smartphone or computer. You may think that the latest firmware update is the cause of all these problems, but it could be because your device hardware got damaged badly without you knowing it. And since there is no system update to force reboot your smartphone, the problem goes undetected.

Is it Possible to Fix Bootloop?

Whether a bootloop can be fixed or not really depends on what caused your device to enter a bootloop.

If a bootloop starts due to a hardware defect, this can often be fatal for your smartphone or computer. On the other hand, if a bootloop started due to a recent firmware update, it can usually be fixed.

How to Overcome Bootloop in Windows

How to Overcome Bootloop in Windows

With Windows, your frequent bootloops can be fixed with an automatic repair using Microsoft's Automatic Repair feature. However, if this doesn't work, you will have to perform the repair manually.

You can try a hard reboot first (make sure all peripherals are disconnected from the computer), which means you hold down the system power button for about five seconds, wait 30 seconds, then press the power button to restart the PC. It should start normally now, but if it doesn't, it means you need to enter Windows Safe Mode to fix the problem.

If your Windows PC won't boot normally, here's how to enter Safe Mode:

* After your device is completely dead, press the power button to turn it on.

* As soon as you see something appear on the screen (usually the Windows logo or the manufacturer logo), hold down the power button for about ten seconds to turn off the device.

* Repeat this process two more times until you have turned off and on the device three times.

* For the fourth time, turn on the PC, and you will see the words “Preparing Automatic Repair” at the bottom of the screen. Let your device go through this process, and you will finally see a screen titled "Choose an option".

* From here, select Troubleshoot, then Advanced Options.

You can use any of these options to help your PC boot properly, but the most common option for novice users is System Restore. This will restore the device to the previous point recorded on your PC and hopefully restore Windows.

How to Overcome Bootloop on an Android Phone

How to Overcome Bootloop on an Android Phone

Fixing a bootloop on a smartphone is more difficult than a computer but that doesn't mean it's impossible to fix.

You can of course try turning it off for a long time, like 30 minutes or an hour, and then restarting it. But if your phone still won't turn on as usual, you should start troubleshooting.

First, try to force your phone into Recovery mode by holding down the power button and volume down button simultaneously. From here, you may be able to restore your phone or restore a previous backup. However, this often results in data loss, which is not ideal, so you may have to weigh your options.

If this doesn't work, you have to enter your smartphone's Safe Mode. When the phone boots up, and you see the manufacturer's name appear, press and hold the volume down button to put your device into Safe Mode. Here, you can follow the instructions to remove any program, app or software update that forced the phone into a bootloop.

How to Overcome Bootloop on iPhone HP

How to Overcome Bootloop on iPhone HP

The first troubleshooting option with an iPhone is to force a restart.

* To force restart on newer iPhone phones, quickly press the Volume Up button, then press the Volume Down button, then press and hold the power button.

* To force restart on older iPhone phones, press and hold Volume Down and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously until you see the Apple logo.

If that doesn't work, you can also try to restore your iPhone using a previous backup via iTunes. Note that this method will overwrite your existing device data with whatever data is stored in the backup.

You have to connect your phone to your computer, open iTunes, and click on the device icon to open iPhone information. From here, you will see an option that says Restore Backup.

Via iTunes on your computer, you can also check if there are any new software updates for your iPhone. Sometimes the latest software updates will include bug fixes that hopefully resolve whatever issue is causing your iPhone to bootloop.


So what is bootloop? The point is Bootloop is a condition when the smartphone fails to enter the system and stops processing. Usually, this condition is marked by a smartphone that only displays the manufacturer's logo of the smartphone.

The occurrence of a bootloop on a smartphone or computer is something that many people hate. Your device may be able to solve minor problems on its own, but when a major error appears in the system, the device will go into shock and display a bootloop.

Fortunately, sometimes it can be fixed. And with the breadth of the internet today, there is a lot of useful information all over the place on how to fix bootloops and many other errors that you may encounter on your smartphone or laptop.

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