What Is Black Hat SEO And Why We Should Avoid It

What Is Black Hat SEO And Why We Should Avoid It

What Is Black Hat SEO And Why We Should Avoid It

 The search engine helps you keep most of the details accessible. When you search for a certain bit of information on the web, only a few sites appear in the top ten searches.

You may be wondering why only a few searches are in the top ten while some are not. It all has to do with which SEO techniques do you use white hat or black hat? Let's discuss what black hat SEO is and why we should avoid it.

SEO Techniques For Ranking In Search Engines

You will find two main types of SEO strategies that are usually used by all websites to get better rankings.

Those are white hat and black hat SEO techniques. White hat SEO techniques are considered more sustainable whereas black hat techniques are considered unethical and Google does not encourage them at all.

The majority of websites use white hat SEO methods. Link wheel is the main strategy followed by white hat SEO strategy and gives a good impact on your website.

White hat and black hat SEO techniques are opposites to each other. So we should always concentrate on organic SEO.

What is Black Hat SEO

Black hat SEO is a set of practices that go against search engine guidelines and are used to improve a website's search ranking. Black hat SEO techniques ignore searcher intent and attempt to bypass best practices by tricking the system and gaining search visibility through unscrupulous practices. Are these black hat SEO techniques widely used on websites?

No, few websites use Black Hat SEO because they want to rank their site as fast as possible to get more leads and sales. In such cases, they can only rely on Black Hat SEO.

And according to client's requirements, SEO Agencies have no choice but to recommend Black Hat Techniques for quick results.

What Are the Consequences of Using Black Hat SEO?

Search engines pay attention to certain black hat techniques when crawling and indexing pages. Most pages that show evidence of using this tactic will be instantly downgraded, with possible domain penalties such as “domain blacklisting”, which can ban your entire website from showing in the SERPs.

This will not only cause your website not to be indexed by search engines, you will also definitely lose the ability to send organic traffic to your website.

While black hat SEO may seem like a quick way to increase traffic to your website, it is not recommended. Given the high risk of being caught by search engines, and the detrimental effects of blocking, black hat SEO is considered a wasted effort.

Google regularly changes their algorithm to ensure that certain black hat SEO techniques are no longer efficient. In the past, some of the more notable updates include “Florida” penalizing websites for keyword stuffing, “Panda” penalizing for batches of content, and “Penguin” penalizing certain linking practices.

Black Hat SEO Techniques To Avoid

To avoid violating search engine policies, focus on white hat SEO techniques and avoid some of the following black hat SEO tactics.

Doorways page

Create multiple pages with some specific phrases or keywords to rank well. Multiple pages or domains on multiple keyword phrases that take users to the same destination. This type of page is designed primarily for search engines, not readers.

Hidden Text

Whenever unrelated text is created a link, and it has been hidden from the user by matching it against the web page background to drive traffic to their page.

But search engines detect it and rank their pages because their algorithm cannot detect the color of the link text.

Ranking with this strategy won't last very long, because the content of the page is unrelated and users won't find what they're looking for.

And because of that the bounce rate increases. In addition, sooner or later search engines become aware of such activity on pages and the resulting pages will be de-indexed according to search engine algorithms.

Content Removal

Any content stolen from other website and published as you are the owner without permission from site owner or without any credit.

But it's not safe at all, because there are copyright laws and it's completely against Google's guidelines and they can penalize sites.


This is a technique used to increase the ranking of certain keywords that are completely unrelated to the content.

For example, published web page content is completely irrelevant compared to what is shown in search engines (Title or description).

Sometimes, these go to some other web page that isn't related to the keyword phrase at all. In this way users and search engines alike are tricked.

Spamming Links

There may be several ways of link spamming which should not be used such as single articles submitted to multiple sites, bookmark submissions, submitting articles to too many directories, footer links etc.

So the same link is used to generate multiple times. Link building is great for increasing rankings but links have to be built naturally.

Keyword Stuffing

When many keywords are put into a particular article either related or unrelated to the same discussed topic it somehow drives traffic from search engines.

Including many keywords in a single post means repeating the same words over and over which does not provide any value to the readers.

This is one Black Hat SEO technique that should never be used to increase rankings, as the site may be penalized.


So basically the Black Hat SEO techniques mentioned above should not be used to increase the ranking and traffic of your website, as mentioned above the results are not permanent at all.

Late but no less important search engines notice this and sites will slide down the SERPs and will be indexed and penalized as well.

Black Hat SEO should be avoided completely and pages should be optimized using the best SEO optimization techniques like On page and Off Page SEO optimization.

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