What are Bitmap Images?

What are Bitmap Images?

What are Bitmap Images?

 In general, graphic images that have been processed by a computer can usually be divided into two distinct categories. The image can be a bitmap or vector file. If you work in image analysis, you need a good understanding of bitmap files. This article will try to describe what a bitmap image is.

What are Bitmaps?

Bitmap images are created by arranging a grid of pixels with different colors. When viewed from a distance or on a small scale, images appear natural. However, when you look closely or when you zoom in on the image, it appears blurry and "pixelized".

This method can create any 2D rectangular image. Moreover, rectangular images created using bitmaps can be copied and pasted repeatedly to quickly and easily cover large areas with similar repeating patterns, known as “tilemaps”.

Bitmap Design Limitations

Bitmap Design Limitations

The only real limitation to bitmap designs is file size. Creating sharp, highly detailed images requires more "bits". This can mean that these images take up a lot of computational space.

Also, images cannot effectively be of a higher resolution than the screen appears. To understand the limitations of display and bitmaps, bring your eyes closer to the screen to see the “screendoor effect”. This is a grid pattern that appears in digital images due to the spacing between pixels. This is a big topic in virtual reality because of how close the view is to your face, but it's actually a factor in any digital display.

Types of Bitmap File Formats

Types of Bitmap File Formats

Bitmap data can be stored in a variety of file formats. Such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, and FITS.

BMP format

BMP stands for Bimap, it is an open image format developed by Microsoft and IBM. This is the simplest image format. BMP images can be 1-bit (Line-art), 4-bits (16 colors for grayscale images or duotone images), 8 bits (256 colors for grayscale images or duotone images), 16-bits (65536) colors for grayscale images or duotone image), or 24-bit (RGB color with 8-bits for each primary color). The BMP format does not use compression, generally large files.

GIF formats

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. GIFs are for images that use 256 (or fewer) different colors and animations that use 256 (or fewer) different colors per frame. GIFs are compressed files, and are used specifically to reduce the amount of time it takes to transfer images over a network connection.

JPEG format

JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. JPEG is a compressed file. It's a lossy format, so it loses information, but one of JPEG's strengths is that its compression ratio can be adjusted. This format is useful for storing results and not for analyzing images.

In computing, JPEG is a standard lossy compression method commonly used for photographic images. One of the advantages of JPEG is that it can adjust the compression ratio. This format is especially useful for saving results.

TIFF format

TIFF is a flexible and customizable file format. It can handle multiple images and data in a single file through the inclusion of “tags” in the file headers. Tags can indicate the basic geometry of an image, such as its size, or specify how the image data is organized and whether various image compression options are used

FITS format

FITS stands for Flexible Image Transfer System and is the most commonly used file format in astronomy. FITS is also often used to store non-image data, such as spectra, photon lists, data cubes, and more.

FITS files may contain multiple extensions, and each can contain data objects. The main advantage of FITS for scientific data is that the header information is human-readable ASCII, so interested users can examine the headers to investigate files of unknown origin.

Why Do So Many People Use It?

Video games and “8-bit” images are great illustrations for bitmap designs. Be careful. 8-bit does not refer to resolution. It refers to the memory each pixel requires.

More "bits" means more color choices. This comes into play with “retro” or “8-bit-style” games made with a modern design for a modern look, such as Minecraft.

Bitmap images can also streamline your design process by saving you time, effort and energy. Bitmaps can be ideal when you need images that are realistic and easy to edit, or when working with photos.

Bitmaps Vs. Vector

Bitmaps Vs. Vector

The main alternative to bitmap designs is “vector image design”. Rather than being created through grid points, the boundaries of vector images are determined mathematically. The result is an image that can be enlarged almost infinitely without losing image quality.

The ability to scale images is vector's biggest advantage over bitmaps. But vector images are more difficult to create from scratch, and many are lost in the design process. Plus, it's difficult to create vector images that can be stylistically replicated in the same way that bitmaps can be used for tilemaps.

As a result of this limitation, most vector images are actually created by creating a bitmap image and converting files.

Finally, vector images are constrained by view definitions in the same way as bitmap images. No matter how detailed your vector image is, it cannot appear in the higher definition that the user's device or display settings allow.


So what are bitmap images? Bitmap is an image file format that is stored as a series of tiny dots called pixels. Each pixel is actually a very small square that is assigned a color, and then arranged in a pattern to form an image. When you zoom in on a bitmap image, you can see every single pixel that makes up that image.

Sometimes, bitmaps are not the best method for displaying images. However, this method of creating an image with a grid of colored pixels remains the best way to actually create a digital image.

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