The 5 Best And Fastest Web Browsers Today

The 5 Best And Fastest Web Browsers Today

The 5 Best And Fastest Web Browsers Today

 Talking about browser applications, in general internet users prefer to use the fastest browsers to be installed on their devices. The reason is simple, you want to get a browsing experience that makes you comfortable while surfing the internet, for example loading speed and browser security. Even though there are currently many types of browser applications, both for PCs and Smartphones, some people still don't have a clear picture of the best web browser they can have. And it's not uncommon for PC and Smartphone users to use browser applications that don't suit their needs.

Now there are so many types of web browsers. However, this article will discuss the 5 best and fastest web browsers. What are they? Here is the review.

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Supported platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, Chrome OS

If you often surf the internet looking for information and need loading speed, security when browsing, simple settings, and a minimalist appearance, then Google Chrome is the best browser you can use. The main feature of this web browser is the WebKit rendering engine technology which supports platforms on various devices such as; Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS. Google Chrome features allow users to save internet history, download history, manage bookmarks, incognito mode, manage profiles, and others. Most PC/laptop and Smartphone Computer users use Google Chrome because it is considered the fastest browser. Apart from being fast, this browser also has a bandwidth saving feature that can save on the use of your smartphone's data plan.

Advantages of Google Chrome

* Lightweight and fast loading both when you start for the first time and when you open a new tab.

* The simple and practical design makes the opened web pages look wider.

* Up to date continue to develop.

* Become one of the strongest browsers to overcome browser attacks.

* Many Add-ons/extentions that can be installed as needed.

* For Google Mail users there is a bookmarks tab connected to Google's features.

* Integrated with google translate making it easier for internet users to translate the contents of the page being opened.

* Users will be spoiled by Google's facilities.

Disadvantages of Google Chrome

* Sometimes it hangs/crashes

* Sometimes errors when reading CSS including javascript.

* There are images that cannot be opened.

* Loading slows down if too many Add-ons / extentions are installed

Download Google Chrome Here

2.Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

Supported Platforms: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, BSD

The next browser that can be said to be quite fast is the Mozilla Firefox browser. This browser is a rival of the largest and fastest browser application Google Chrome. But in terms of convenience and so on, Chrome is still superior. Some time ago, the Mozilla Firefox browser made changes to their design. Like changing some of the appearance and adding interesting features. Features such as built-in screen shots are added points for this browser. Where you can easily take screenshots of web page screenshots in the browser.

Advantages of Mozilla Firefox

* Very good level of popularity in the eyes of users that makes Firefox a favorite browser

* There is an anonymous browser menu

* Development is so rapid following the needs of users

* Good browser security to protect user data

* Has a variety of add ons and continues to be developed both from Mozilla and from developers around the world through beta testers.

* Has a more complete configuration than Internet Explorer

* Relatively small App size compared to Internet Explorer

* Display pages that are more concise, broad, user friendly

Disadvantages of Mozilla Firefox

* Long loading process when running the program for the first time.

* Update Firefox means the same as downloading the new version, it's different with Internet Explorer which only needs an upgrade.

* Certain sites experience slowdowns when loading, this is due to compatibility issues between the site's pages and the Firefox browser.

* Firefox is not integrated with Outlook and Outlook Express, also some E-mail facilities are not working properly. Even some online forms do not respond to pressing the enter key.

Download Mozilla Firefox Here

3. Opera


Supported Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Basic Phones

Opera is one of the fastest and lightest browsers for all devices, be it PC/Laptop or Smartphone. The Opera browser has several features that are quite capable so that it is widely used to surf the internet. This browser has a simple display design with a sidebar on the left to make it easier for users to operate Opera. As for some of the features of the Opera browser are; language selection feature, security feature, speed dial feature, restore session feature, and others.

Advantages of Opera

* Light and fast.

* Fast cache recall.

* Has the Mouse Gestures feature, making browsing more fun.

* Has a Turbo feature that can compress pages / sites when the connection slows down.

* Can be integrated with Opera Mini.

* Can open a web page that is devoted to mobile phones.

Disadvantages of Opera

* Somewhat slow in reading the script on some sites.

* The turbo feature is less felt when the connection slows down.

* Too many menu bars create an impractical impression, even though the menus can be modified.

Download Opera Here

4. Safaris


Supported Platforms: MacOS, iOS

Safari can be a good alternative for Google Chrome and Firefox users for a change. Previously, Safari was available for Windows, but Apple shut it down a few years ago. The top web browser from Apple is now available for MacOS and iOS users only. Safari provides quite a significant level of convenience including a customizable toolbar, ability to browse tabs, get picture in picture on almost every web page, reader view, iCloud sync, etc. Just like the Edge's Share button, Safari users can share using AirDrop even without leaving the web browser. Regarding extensions, Safari may not have as many extensions as Chrome and Firefox, but the extensions provided can meet all your needs.

Advantages of Safari

* Has a Nitro Engine feature to process web-based applications faster

* Has a Cover Flow feature

* Supports HTML 5 format, which is the latest format of a web

* Available in mobile form, for both iOS and Android operating systems

Lack of Safari

* Does not have the restore session feature

* There is a bug called 'Carpet Bombing'

* Display Browser For Users Feels awkward

Download Safari Here

5.Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Supported Platforms: Windows 10, Xbox One, Android, iOS

Microsoft Edge is a browser released by Microsoft to replace Internet Explorer. For PC/Laptop users with Windows OS, your device must have Windows 10 installed in order to use this browser. This browser is also available for Android and iOS users. Some of the cool features of this browser include; can block ads, new browser tabs, access to bookmarks, internet history, downloads and more.

Pros of Microsoft Edge

* For Windows users, no longer need to waste time and breath to install this one browser.

* Have Cortana as assistant (For Windows 10)

* The first browser that can make notes on web pages.

* There is a reading mode, which makes friends feel the experience of reading a newspaper.

* Likely to be a tough competitor to Chrome and Firefox in the future.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Edge

* Views are quite different from Internet Explorer, so it needs more adaptation.

* Still a new kid among browsers because it was just released in 2015.

* There are no plugins or extensions in this browser.

Download Microsoft Edge Here

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