9 Ways to Overcome No Internet Secured in Windows 10/11

9 Ways to Overcome No Internet Secured in Windows 10/11

9 Ways to Overcome No Internet Secured in Windows 10/11

 Experiencing the message "No Internet secured"? Fix these common wireless errors with these tips to get you back online.

Wireless network issues in Windows 10/11 are usually easy to fix. But sometimes, you may experience the message "No Internet secured" that appears as a pop-up from the system tray.

This error refers to a wireless configuration or connection problem. This is frustrating for many people, but this error is relatively easy to deal with. Let's explore the solutions for how to deal with No Internet Secured in Windows 10.

What is No Internet, Secured?

You may have seen an error message appear in the System Tray area of the Windows 10 taskbar. Or maybe as a notification. But what exactly does "No Internet, Secured" mean?

This unusual or vague message usually occurs when the internet connection is down. However, it can also appear when you have an active connection.

This might be a little confusing, but it's not strange. This error appears to be intentionally vague. After all, if the computer doesn't currently have an internet connection, whether it's secure or not is irrelevant. While it can appear on any Windows 10 device, this error usually appears with Microsoft Surface devices. Other conditions can also cause the "No Internet, Secured" error to appear.

How to Overcome No Internet Secured

Several fixes are available for this ambiguous error. Unfortunately, this depends on your computer and network adapter settings. As such, not all of these fixes will work. However, we have listed them in order of possibility, just work through the methods below in order. This list will give you an idea of what it takes to fix the “No Internet, Secured” error:

1. Disable VPN

2. Refresh Windows 10 IP configuration

3. Reset Winsocks

4. Check the connection properties of the PC

5. Disable IPv6

6. Set a New DNS Server

7. Update network device drivers

8. Run Network Troubleshooter in Windows 10

9. Restart the router

Take the time to read the steps carefully before trying to fix errors.

1. Disable VPN To Fix Error No Internet, Secured

If you use a VPN, the VPN client's built-in security features can cause this problem. Specifically, it can be a kill switch designed to disconnect you from the internet when the VPN server goes down. To check if this is the case, disable the VPN (using the disconnect function) or even log out completely.

Then take a moment to reconnect to the internet and try out a regularly updated website, perhaps a trusted news site. If everything is connected, then the problem is with the VPN server. Update your VPN client if possible, then connect to the new VPN server. If everything connected fine, you have fixed the error!

2. Refresh Windows 10/11 IP Configuration

If you don't use a VPN but still get the “No Internet, Secured” message? Several commands are available to help you resolve this error.

Right-click Start, then select Windows PowerShell. Here, enter the following commands in order:

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

This will force your computer to request a new IP address from your local router. In most cases, this will resolve the error.

3. Reset Winsock to Overcome Error No Internet, Secured

Another command line solution for dealing with the “No Internet Secured” error is to reset Winsock. While it may sound like a simple feature, Winsock is the Windows Sockets API. These are the specifications for your PC's communication with network services, especially the widely used TCP/IP. To reset Winsock, use the following command:

netsh winsock reset catalog

Wait a moment, if the network doesn't reconnect automatically, do it manually.

4. Check Connection Properties PC

Still no solution? It's time to check your PC's network adapter.

1. Open the settings screen by clicking the Wi-Fi connection icon in the system tray, then Network & Internet Settings.

2. Here, click Change adapter options, right-click the connection in question, and click Properties. Make sure the following are checked:

* Client for Microsoft Networks

* File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks

*Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

*Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)

* Link-layer Topology Discovery Responder

Click OK to confirm. If you make any changes, restart Windows when prompted.

5. Fix No Internet Secured Error By Disabling IPv6

IPv6 is a network protocol designed to replace IPv4 because IPv4 runs out of IP addresses. However, even though IPv6 should run on most hardware, it is prone to errors.

You can disable IPv6 by repeating the previous steps. Simply uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6), then click OK to confirm selection. Restart your Windows 10 PC when prompted.

6. Set a New DNS Server to Fix No Internet, Secured

The Domain Name System (DNS) is like the internet phone book. For example, when you type www.schemafix.com in your address bar, DNS converts the URL to an IP address, taking you to the website you requested.

However, sometimes the default DNS configuration on the system fails. While it's not always clear whether that's the cause of the "No Internet Secured" error, it's still a fix worth trying.

Set up a New DNS Server

1. Open the settings screen by clicking the Wi-Fi connection icon in the system tray, then Network & Internet Settings.

2. Here, click Change adapter options, right-click the connection in question, and click Properties.

3. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) > Properties.

4. Check Use the following DNS server addresses.

5. Then enter Preferred DNS Server: and Alternative DNS Server:

6. Press OK.

7. Update Network Device Drivers

Since it is possible that the device driver for your network card is faulty, you should take the time to update it.

Update Network Device Drivers

1. Right-click Start and select Device Manager.

2. Here, expand Network Adapters, select your network device, then right click and select Update driver.

Wait while the device driver updates, then reboot Windows. If successful, Windows 10 will automatically connect to the network as usual. If this doesn't work, try Disable device, reboot the computer, then Enable Device.

8. Run Network Troubleshooter in Windows 10

If you still receive the "No Internet, Secured" error message and the computer remains offline, try using the troubleshooter.

Windows 10 has several troubleshooter tools, software that automatically checks for errors and makes (or suggests) fixes.

Run Network Troubleshooter

To launch Network Troubleshooter, press Windows key + I to open Settings, then Network & internet > Network troubleshooter. Follow the steps provided in the tool to fix your network connection.

9. Restart the Router to Fix the No Internet Secured Error

You may only experience the “No Internet, Secured” error on Wi-Fi. So, if none of the other fixes have worked, it's time to restart your wireless router.

Routers usually have a button you can press to reset it. Alternatively, you can enter the admin screen and reset the device from there. If none of the options are possible, unplugging the router's power supply will suffice.

Once the router has restarted, reconnected to the internet, and Wi-Fi is operational (check the router's LED notifications), try the connection again.


So that's how to deal with No Internet Secured in Windows 10/11. Now, your problem should be solved and you can reconnect your Windows 10 PC to the internet. If not, there is a small chance that the problem is with the network itself. If you suspect this, try connecting to another network and compare the results.

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