8 Ways to Fix Scroll Mouse Not Working

8 Ways to Fix Scroll Mouse Not Working

8 Ways to Fix Scroll Mouse Not Working

 Having trouble with the mouse scrolling up and down or scrolling in the wrong direction? Follow these steps for how to fix mouse scroll not working properly.

The mouse really helps its users to use the computer effectively and efficiently. But when an error occurs, the device does not work properly.

Scroll has been a feature of the mouse since the mid-1990s. This is an important feature for interacting with operating systems, applications and games. But when the mouse scroll has a problem and starts scrolling in the wrong direction, what can we do to fix it? This article will discuss how to fix the mouse scroll that doesn't work.

How to Fix Mouse Scroll Not Working

Before looking at solutions for how to deal with a mouse scroll that doesn't work, understand the following, you may not need a new mouse.

If the scroll wheel is damaged by the mouse being thrown on the floor, it may make sense to buy a new mouse. But if it wasn't caused by physical damage, there might still be hope of being able to fix it. Here's how to fix the mouse scroll not working properly.

1. Clean the Mouse

Clean Mouse

Amazingly, most mouse scrolling problems are caused by dust and dirt. It gathered in the area around the scroll wheel, interfering with the sensor and preventing accurate scrolling. But it all can be removed easily.

You can try cleaning the mouse by exhaling sharply on the scroll wheel or using an air compressor. In most cases, this can remove and remove some of the dust and debris, promoting smoother mouse scroll wheel movement and functionality.

2. Replace the Mouse Battery

Replace Mouse Batteries

If that doesn't work, the problem may be electricity, not dust. This is especially likely if you use a woreless mouse instead of a wired USB mouse.

To verify that the battery is charged, open the mouse, remove the battery, and try another device. Or, check with a charger if you have one. A battery above 30% charge should be fine, though you should also consider replacing it as soon as possible.

3. Change Scrolling Settings

Your mouse has specific settings for clicking, double-clicking, speed, and scrolling. Irregular and irregular scrolling can usually be fixed via mouse settings. To do this on Windows 10, follow the steps below:

Change Scrolling Settings

1. Press Win Key + I to open Settings

2. Tap the mouse

3. Select Change how far you scroll with the mouse wheel

4. Adjust the slider on Choose how many lines to scroll each time (default is 3 )

5. Test the mouse through the browser or anywhere else that causes the scroll to stutter

Corrupted Windows system files Mouse wheel problems can also be caused by corrupted system files in Windows. To solve this problem, Windows repair is required to replace the corrupted system files. We recommend that you back up your files before running Windows repair, to avoid losing any files.

4. Swap USB Ports

No matter what type of mouse you use, whether it's a wireless or wired USB mouse, switching USB ports on your PC or laptop can make a big difference to your scrolling problems. Most computers have USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports. Switching from one type of port to another can be very helpful here.

5. Corrupted Windows System Files

Mouse scroll wheel problems can also be caused by corrupted system files in Windows. To solve this problem, Windows repair is required to replace the corrupted system files. We suggest that you backup your files before running Windows repair, to avoid losing any files.

6. Update Mouse Drivers

As we know the driver of a device can become corrupted or conflict with other drivers. This problem is usually solved by updating the driver. If you are using Windows 10, this is very easy:

Update Mouse Drivers

1. Click Win Key + X

2. Select Device Manager

3. Discover and expand Mice and other pointing devices

4. Right-click on the mouse device that is being used

5. Select Update Driver

Wait for the drivers to update. If this was the cause of the error, your mouse scroll wheel should now function normally.

7. Does Scroll Not Work in Certain Apps?

Update the Application! Found that the mouse scroll wheel only works in certain apps? Maybe your browser, word processor, or graphics editor software like CorelDraw. It might even be in a video game. Whatever the case may be, if you've updated your mouse driver and this didn't fix the problem, consider updating the application in question as well.

The applications you install on your computer have different ways of updating them. Often, you'll find a link to an update page in the About menu, which will help you update the app if you can't find a download link. For video games, use a digital distribution service (eg Steam) to update them.

8. Disable Tablet Mode In Windows

Windows 10 users may find that tablet mode interferes with mouse performance, which can affect scrolling speed. In many cases, you may not even notice tablet mode is running (this is not a feature on desktops or laptops). To disable tablet mode follow the steps below:

Disable Tablet Mode In Windows

1. On the taskbar, click the Action Center button

2. Find Tablet mode

3. Click to deactivate

4. If tablet mode has been disabled, click to enable and again to deactivate

The seamless mouse scroll wheel should now work.


So that's how to fix mouse scroll not working properly. By now you should know about fixing up and down, jerky, or unresponsive mouse scrolling.

You can fix the scroll wheel not working using the methods we have described above. If, after following the above methods, you are still having problems, then the mouse is most likely broken. Because repair costs are usually more expensive than buying a new mouse, so the admin recommends contacting the mouse manufacturer for a replacement, if it's still under warranty, or buying a new mouse.

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