8 Tips To Get More Clicks On Adsense

8 Tips To Get More Clicks On Adsense

8 Tips To Get More Clicks On Adsense

 Maybe you have great content now and your site's social media is thriving too. But the only thing missing now is an easy and effective strategy to earn extra money from your blog. Want to know how to get more clicks on Adsense from your blog and generate more revenue?

While some people get paid to watch ads, others get paid to show ads via Google Adsense. Adsense is Google's advertising program that pays website owners every time a website visitor clicks on the ad.

In simple terms, the more ad clicks, the more money the website owner gets. While the goal is to get as many ad clicks as possible, remember that there can be serious consequences for people who try to cheat the system.

Therefore, if Google senses that there is suspicious activity on your blog regarding your ads, they will not think twice about suspending your account. This is why it's important that you stick to the rules when trying to monetize your blog ads.

How To Get More Clicks On Adsense Ads?

This is why it's important that you stick to the rules when trying to monetize your blog ads. In this article, we will share with you tips on how to get more visitors to click on your ads, the right way.

1. Place Ads Within Content

Assuming that you have built a reputation for your blog, readers should already be flocking to your blog for great posts. Therefore, take advantage of your web traffic by placing an ad or two within the content. In this way, your blog visitors will see the ad even when they skim through your article.

According to experts, a good place to place an ad is right after the first paragraph. This area puts your ad front and center without being too distracting for your readers. The key to generating higher CTR on your ads is to increase the amount of traffic to your blog.

You can place ad blocks in optimal locations on your page. But if you don't have a lot of site visitors, that's fine! Therefore, you need to find a way to generate blog traffic and get more people to click on your ads!

2. Don't place too many ads in the content

Maybe you have ever thought that having lots of ads in your content will increase your Adsense earnings. But more ads doesn't mean better. One of the worst things you can do with AdSense is waste every page on your site with as many ad units as possible.

It's often better to have just one well-placed ad unit on each page. Do some testing to see which works best for your site.

3. Use a color other than blue for the link

Ever wondered why blue is the most common color for links on websites? Yes, that's because it's always been the default color choice for links. Because of this, many people have developed a kind of color blindness in links, making them less likely to click on them.

As such, try using different colors for the links in your ad block to see which color will give you the best results. According to popular blogger Matthew Woodward, the choice of color for your links can influence decisions and increase conversions.

In testing, new visitors were more likely to click on the red links, while returning visitors stuck to the blue links. Remember, that these tests do not have to be done on your blog.

There are so many factors that influence your blog's CTR results for ads that you can't just rely on these studies to determine your course of action. If blue for your links works, use it as a benchmark to test other colors for your ads. Learn the psychological triggers of each color.

4. Create a “Stick” Banner Ad on the Sidebar

Ever notice that some of the sidebar elements stay on the page even if you keep scrolling down? That's because these elements are programmed to "stick" where readers can easily see them.

By making your banner ad stick, it becomes difficult for your readers to ignore it. And the more visible your ads are, the better for your CTR!

If you are a WordPress user looking for a way to make your banner ad stick? The Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin allows you to create a stick widget that will stay fixed on an area of the screen if you scroll up or down.

So nothing escapes your banner on your page! But admin will not suggest you to keep using the plugin if visitors don't click on it for some period. It's possible that stick ads annoy people. Again, you have to keep testing and measuring the results to increase your ad block CTR.

5. Personalize the Ads That Appear in the Sidebar

Let's say you have two blog posts, one about SEO tools and the other for email marketing tools. If you want to monetize both from ad clicks, you need to make sure that their affiliate links must be related to the content the visitor is reading.

You can do this by using the Widget Options plugin for WordPress. The widget customizes the sidebar of each post based on its content so it will only show ads related to the topic.

This will not only increase your chances of getting more clicks, but also personalize the experience of your readers on your blog.

6. Use Text & Image Based Ads

With Adsense, you are allowed to choose whether your ad units are image or text based. Using text and image options allows more advertisers to offer (text ad bid and image ad bid) and increases your overall Cost Per Click.

On average, publishers see a 59% increase in CPM earnings when they make these suggested changes. But don't expect to see an instant jump in CPC or CPM. But over time, it will pay off as you get paid more per ad click.

7. Use Relevant Ads

Google AdSense works by displaying ads that are relevant to a page. Relevant ads usually result in a higher CTR, thereby earning you a higher income.

Google may sometimes have trouble showing relevant ads for your site, and a few things when done to your site will help show you more relevant ads.

8. Check Which Parts Of Your Page Are Clickable

When starting with your ad block, you hope it produces the results you are looking for. Of course, you may be disappointed when your ad doesn't generate many clicks on your first run.

This means you have to make several edits to your site to find the sweet spot until you maximize the clicks you get. But the thing is, you can't be sure about what will happen no matter how much you prepare!

Luckily, now you can figure out the best places on your blog for ad placement without ever having to guess. What you need is a tool that will reveal the hot spots or parts of your blog where readers are most likely to respond to your CTAs.

One tool that is often used by many bloggers is CrazyEgg. CrazyEgg promises to increase your CTR instantly with its Heatmap feature. Basically it shows the parts of your website that visitors click on. When you have this important information, you can then place your ads where visitors will instinctively click.


If you are serious about blogging, then you should treat it like a business. It all starts with your ad units. After all, it is one of your main sources of income from your blog! Even if you don't have ads on your blog yet, then this post will get you started on the right way.

But more importantly, you can apply the tips here to other sources of income like affiliate marketing, ebooks and more! It's time for you to get back what you did on your blog for cash. And the time to make it happen is to get more clicks on Adsense or other ads.

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