8 Techniques To Increase Blog Traffic

8 Techniques To Increase Blog Traffic

8 Techniques To Increase Blog Traffic

 When you are trying to increase traffic for your blog site it doesn't mean you are doing keyword searches 24/7 or typing as many articles as you can. There is a much easier way to build traffic to your site. In order to have a very successful blog with a very active readership, you need to know some blogging secrets. This time we will share 10 techniques to increase or get traffic flowing to your blog site.

1. Make Your Blog Memorable

Ever heard of content that will never go out of style? This is called evergreen content. In short, the content will always be relevant and will attract traffic for years to come. Publishing lots of green content will provide a strong infrastructure for your blog.

Content that will never go out of style will help keep traffic flowing and can maintain SEO rankings. Keeping in mind a few target keywords for SEO purposes will naturally allow search engines to pick up your blog site and give you the support you need. Examples of green content that you can make are like

* Create a list of blogs that have influencers

* Create a blog with step-by-step guides or a How-to blog

* Create blog articles that review products or services

* Tell us about your experiences in a field that you specialize in

* Write articles that answer questions your audience may be looking for

2. Make Your Content SEO-Friendly

When you work on SEO, you need to know the existing factors that influence your rankings. These are elements that affect your rankings both negatively and positively. There are two types of ranking factors: On-page and Off-page. To make your content SEO-friendly, you have to pay attention to on-page factors.

* Use keywords in the title, description, and H1 tags

* Use SEO-friendly URLs

* Create user-friendly layouts, use H2 tags, etc

* Use keywords in the first 100 words

* Make your designs responsive

* Optimize page loading speed

* Create content that is at least 300+ words and original

* Optimize images with SEO attributes (ALT tags)

* Use outbound links with quality and relevance

Making your content easy to share or share will help increase your blog traffic almost instantly. You should be able to encourage readers to actively share your blog posts. The quick way you can ask people for help is posting your content on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.

If they follow this push, not only will you see an increase in traffic to your posts, but you can also send subtle 'signals' to search engines regarding the popularity and quality of your posts.

Use a tool like Sumo or Addthis, which allows you to add a smart pack of social media share icons to your website posts.

4. Active With Visitors

When you want to promote your blog, it is important that you are strategic about where you spend your time. While it's fun to build your presence across multiple social media, you will quickly run out of steam trying to excel on each social site. Pick a few social media and see which one suits you best.

You can also use Google Analytics to see which websites are driving the most referral traffic. Find forums and sites visited by audiences such as Kaskus, Kompasiana, Indowebster, and other forums. Engage in discussions and post links or blog comments when appropriate. Make sure you guys should be seen as a valued member of the community sharing something worthy.

5. Have a Consistent Posting and Blog Schedule

Creating a consistent posting schedule on your blog helps your readers know when they can expect to hear from you again, whether it's daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. The key to maintaining publishing consistency is being realistic.

Every blogger will find it difficult to create high quality content on a daily basis. Start with weekly or biweekly posts and work your way up to daily posts, if that is your main goal. Just don't sacrifice quantity for quality.

To help you maintain consistency, be sure to use some form of an editorial calendar. You can use Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or even a simple spreadsheet. Use it to organize your ideas and plan your content theme for each month so blogging is something you focus on, not something you do in your spare time.

6. Optimize For Speed And Mobile

Your visitors will not wait to load your blog. If your page doesn't appear fast enough, they will hit the back button and move on to the next Google listing (i.e. your competitor).

Checking site speed is very important, you can use Google's Page Speed Insights tool which will give you a speed score on your site, as well as tips on optimizing your site speed.

In one observation, users now spend almost 3 hours a day on their tablets or phones. Because now many people switch to mobile. This is a challenge for bloggers how to make an attractive appearance and increase the speed of their mobile version.

7. Collaborate With Other Bloggers

Good attitude goes a long way online. If you want to build blog traffic, you want to establish good relationships with other bloggers in your niche. Sometimes you even want to join your competitors.

Comment on other blogs and be active in various communities. Consider interviewing major industry players or including other bloggers in “best of” posts (eg, Top 10 Tech Blogs). Once your blogger is quoted or featured in one of your posts, tag them in a tweet to let them know. Chances are that the blogger will retweet and share the post that mentions it, this will get you more traffic as a result.

Linking to your own blog posts is great for SEO, but it's also important to link to outside sources. This signals to Google that you are not a spammer and helps build positive relationships with other blogs you link to.

8. Ask And Answer Questions On The Q&A Site

Thousands of people search the web for answers every day. You can create accounts on Q&A websites like Quora, Stack Exchange, and the like and start helping people by answering their questions.

Share your experiences by commenting and engaging with other articles in your field. Don't be the one to just say “great post” or “amazing” in your comments. Instead, provide in-depth comments about the article that can answer questions or provide positive feedback.

Occasionally, other commenters may ask questions that you may know the answers to. Replying to them can build your knowledge of the topic, thereby making you look good in the process. Others will start to recognize your name and will start looking for you to see how credible you are. This can cause a lot of traffic on your blog site.


Don't be a blogger who quits anytime, sometimes things don't always go as planned. Increasing traffic on a blog site requires extra time and effort. The more active you are, the more recognition you will get. It takes consistency and flexibility to increase traffic. Keep going and don't stop.

It helps if you use Google Analytics and Search Console to collect data on what is working and what is not on your site. If you have content that attracts a lot of traffic from organic search, create more of that kind of content and generate more visitors.

Also, check referral sources and see which sites or platforms are driving a lot of traffic to your site. You can focus and multiply these channels and maximize the traffic you can get from them.

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That's all the information this time. Look forward to other interesting information and don't forget to share this information with your friends. Thank you…

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