8 Frequently Asked CPanel Questions With Answers

8 Frequently Asked CPanel Questions With Answers

8 Frequently Asked CPanel Questions With Answers

 It is undeniable that cPanel is a very useful control panel platform for building a website or blog and for viewing statistics and much more.

In this post we will answer some frequently asked cPanel questions. But before that, let's first explore what is cPanel?

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a control panel that makes it easy for its users to manage websites and servers. This control panel allows users to publish websites, manage hosting and domains, manage website files, create email accounts, and much more.

In simple terms, cPanel can help you manage web hosting through a simple and easy-to-understand dashboard. The cPanel platform is arguably very popular among all circles, so many people use it to manage a website.

In fact, many hosting provider companies include cPanel as part of their hosting packages. To make it easier to understand cPanel, here are some things that can be managed through cPanel:

* Backing up website files

* Install software, such as WordPress

* Create and manage emails

* Create and manage domains and subdomains

* Search databases

* Setting password and security

cPanel Frequently Asked Questions

If you use cPanel to manage your website, here are some frequently asked cPanel questions and their answers.

cPanel is synonymous with a hosting control panel based?

Unix/Linux based. Its graphical interface helps us manage websites and hosting accounts very easily and quickly.

In cPanel the facilities used to create a new email are?

Email Accounts. On the Email Account page, you will find 3 fields that must be filled in. First is the username to login, then the password and lastly is the capacity for the new email account.

With this cPanel it really helps bloggers and website developers in making?

Quality website content, easy and also cheap. Basically, the features of cPanel depend on the availability of the hosting provider.

The cPanel application only supports server-based?

Linux. cPanel until now only supports Linux-based servers such as AlmaLinux OS, CentOS, CloudLinux, and Ubuntu.

To create a new database we can use the cPanel feature, namely?

MySQL databases. On the MySQL Database page, you must enter the database name in the available column (write the database name without spaces) to create a new database.

What is the function of the subdomain feature in cPanel?

The function of the Subdomain feature is that you can add subdomains to your website's cPanel account. The subdomain itself is a subdomain of the website that is related to the main domain without having to buy a new domain.

How to reduce disk space usage in cPanel?

Delete the Error Log and files in the Trash folder. If it doesn't work, the final way is to upgrade the hosting package with a larger disk space capacity.

What is the difference between cPanel and sPanel?

Functionally both are equally to control web hosting. But not all types of CMS-based websites are compatible with Spanel. In terms of installation and interface between the two control panels, this is certainly different.


So those are some cPanel questions that are often asked by hosting service users. If you are a user of a hosting service, cPanel has an important role in running a website, files or important website data are all managed through cPanel.

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