7 Ways to Overcome Error Code 0x80070005

7 Ways to Overcome Error Code 0x80070005

7 Ways to Overcome Error Code 0x80070005

Does error code 0x80070005 appear when Windows access is denied? If so, here's how to fix it.

Error 0x80070005 is related to access permissions in Windows, sometimes encountered by users when they try to update their Windows or install new programs, and they don't have full access permissions for certain files. So, here's how to fix error 0x80070005 in Windows 10.

1. Give Full Permissions to the Account

As mentioned above, error code 0x80070005 is the inability to access Windows programs, the first method to solve it is to grant full administrative permissions to your own windows account via Settings.

Full Permissions On Account

1. Run Windows Run by pressing Windows key + R and typing C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData in it and click OK. Enter the drive where your Windows is installed in place of C: and username in place of USERNAME.

2. Now, right click on App Data and open Properties.

3. In the next window, go to the security tab and click Edit.

4. Click Add.

5. Now, type Everyone, click Check Names, and hit OK.

6. Click Everyone and allow Full control under Permissions for everyone then click OK.

Now, reboot your system for the changes to take effect. After that, check whether the error code 0x80070005 is still there.

2. Scan for Malware And Viruses

This issue has also been reported to be caused by malware or viruses that can delete or modify your important system files, such as the Windows Registry.

To ensure that your PC is not affected by malware, run the Microsoft Defender application, a free antivirus tool created by Windows to fight malware and viruses.

After the scan, restart your PC and try installing the Windows update. If you still find error code 0x80070005. Then follow the next method.

3. Perform a Clean Boot

A clean boot is a way to identify apps that are causing problems in your Windows. It works by allowing your PC to start up with minimal programs and drivers and helps you find out which program is causing the problem.

This differs from Windows safe mode in that it gives you a greater degree of control over choosing which programs to kill. Follow the steps below to do this:

Clean Boot

1. First open Start menu search bar, type msconfig, and click on System Configuration app.

2. In the next dialog box, open the Services tab, and check the Hide all Microsoft Services radio box and click Disable All. After that, navigate to the Start-up tab, and click Open Task Manager.

3. From there, select any program that you believe is causing the problem and click Disable.

4. Click OK and close the dialog box. Next, restart your PC to start the clean boot.

When the PC restarts, run the problematic application. If the problem persists, you now know that it was not due to a program you disabled.

4. Run Windows Troubleshooter

Windows troubleshooter is an integrated set of tools provided by Microsoft to solve minor problems in Windows, such as update errors, Bluetooth or audio problems, and so on.

It's possible that an error in Windows Update has led you to error code 0x80070005. Follow the steps below and fix the problem.

Windows Update Troubleshooter

1. Press Windows key + X and click Settings.

2. Go to the Update & Security section and click Troubleshoot.

3. Now, click Additional troubleshooters, then click Windows Updates.

4. Grant the necessary permissions and use the tool to fix this error.

If the tool is unable to fix the 'Access is Denied' error, skip to the next method.

5. Run SFC (System File Checker)

Windows System File Checker (SFC) is an application that helps users scan and repair their corrupted files, stop installation of Windows updates. Follow the steps below to operate this utility tool.


1. Type command prompt in the Start menu search bar, then select Run as administrator.

2. Type SFC /scannow in the command prompt and press Enter.

If the process runs successfully, you will not see the Windows Access Denied error code message anymore.

6. Reset Permissions with SubInACL

SubInACL is a free command-line application that can help you change permissions for files, folders, registry and other objects.

Follow the steps listed below to get rid of error code 0x80070005 forever.

Download and install SubInACL. Then, open a new Notepad file and type the following text in it:

Set OSBIT=32

IF exist "%ProgramFiles(x86)%" set OSBIT=64

set RUNNINGDIR=%ProgramFiles%

IF %OSBIT% == 64 set RUNNINGDIR=%ProgramFiles(x86)%

subinacl /subkeyreg "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Component Based Servicing" /grant="nt service\trustedinstaller"=f

Save the file in All Files and name it as reset.cmd. After that, run the file as administrator by right-clicking and selecting Run as Administrator. Then update the program, and delete the .cmd file.

7. Update Windows 10 Manually

If you encounter error code 0x80070005 during a Windows update, then a manual update might be the solution for you. To update your Windows manually, you can use the Windows Update Catalog.

Even though Windows updates are downloaded and installed automatically, sometimes glitches occur. And this is where the Windows Update Catalog comes in handy. This is a free website created by Microsoft that offers updates for all Windows Operating Systems.

You can download cumulative updates manually from there even if your Windows automatic update is not working. Follow the steps below to do this:

View Update History

1. Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update.

2. Select View Update History and note or copy the Windows update version code. It will look something like KB1234567.

Then, visit the Windows Updates Catalog and paste the Windows update version code in the search bar. Then, click on the Download button, which will show a popup on your screen.

From the pop-up, click on the .msu file link to download it. Once the download is complete, click on the .msu file to manually install Windows updates.

After that, restart your system. Your windows will work fine now. In this way, the possible error code 0x80070005 will be resolved.


So that's how to deal with error code 0x80070005. Admin hopes that one of the methods above can solve the problem. However, if none of the methods have worked so far, you can use Windows Reset.

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