7 Software That Must Be Installed After Reinstalling Windows

7 Software That Must Be Installed After Reinstalling Windows

7 Software That Must Be Installed After Reinstalling Windows

 Reinstalling on a PC or Laptop is really necessary. When your PC is hit by a virus, it becomes slower than usual, there is damage to the core data which causes the data to become error or corrupt, and much more.

The main thing you have to do after reinstalling Windows is installing software in the form of applications that are really needed to maximize Windows performance, but we often forget the names of the applications we have to install. For this reason, we will provide recommendations for software that must be installed after reinstalling Windows.

1. Drivers

Drivers are very important for you to install before you install other software. Try to give priority to installing drivers for each piece of hardware used on your PC or laptop. Applications that you can use to make it easier to install drivers.

* Driver Booster (Online)

* DriverPack (Online/Offline)

2. Browsers

Usually Windows already provides its default browser application, namely Internet Explorer, but if you want to use another browser application, you can install a free browser application, for example.

*Google Chrome


* Opera

* UC Browser

* Maxton

3. Downloaders

It's not complete if you install the browser software without installing the downloader software. This downloader software can help make it easier for you to download various types of files and can even maximize the download speed. For that you can use applications like.

* IDM (Internet Download Manager)

* Free DownloadManager

3. Archive And Compression Files

Windows does not provide you with an application for file archives, but several types of files resulting from downloads or shipments are usually in .RAR or .ZIP format, because the files have been combined in archives so that they are smaller and more compact in size. To extract or archive the file, you need an application like.


* 7-Zip


This office software is really needed for students who are still in school, students or even office workers to help and facilitate them in carrying out activities, such as working on documents, presentations, analyzing data, and much more. For that you need an application like

*Microsoft Office


5. Antivirus

Windows already provides security applications such as Windows Defender, but often this security is not enough to keep our PCs safe, especially when you often download on the internet. For that you need a strong anti-virus application, such as


* Avast

* Malwarebytes

6. Multimedia Player

Multimedia Player is a software that is usually used as a player for MP3 or MP4 files such as music or videos. There are already many types of multimedia applications that you can use on PC or Laptop devices such as.

* VLC Media Player (MP4)

* AIMP3 (MP3)


This maintenance software functions to optimize your computer and clean your computer's registry. and also serves to clean the cache left by browser programs such as beowser when surfing the internet. There are lots of types of maintenance applications that can be installed on your PC or laptop, such as.

* CCleaner

* IOBit Advanced SystemCare

* BleachBit


So before reinstalling, you have to prepare a piece of software in the form of these applications, which you can download just one of them. To make it easier for you, you should download it before reinstalling and save it on a flash drive or in your cellphone memory, so you don't have to bother downloading applications after reinstalling Windows.

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