6 Ways to Overcome Windows Boot Manager Error 0xc00000e9

6 Ways to Overcome Windows Boot Manager Error 0xc00000e9

6 Ways to Overcome Windows Boot Manager Error 0xc00000e9

 Windows error code 0xc00000e9 is a common Windows Boot Manager error indicating hardware failure or corrupted system files encountered during the boot process. It appears when the computer starts up, but before the Windows login screen, the following error appears: “An unexpected I/O error has occurred. Error code: 0xc00000e9”.

If you are experiencing error code 0xc00000e9 on your computer, don't panic. This is a common error in Windows 10, 8 and 7. The good news is that there are several ways to deal with this Windows boot manager error 0xc00000e9.

Cause of Error Code 0xc00000e9

Error code 0xc00000e9 is always related to the boot process for Windows. I/O (input/output) errors, occur when the system cannot access the drive or disk, which means it cannot read or copy data. Therefore error 0xc00000e9 can be caused by many issues, such as:

* Damage to external hardware or PC components.

* Defective I/O ports.

* Incorrectly installed components.

* Improperly configured UEFI , BIOS , or CMOS settings.

* Corrupted system files or Windows Registry problems.

* Problems with Windows Update.

* Virus or malware corrupts Registry files or data which are responsible for booting the operating system successfully.

How to Overcome Windows Boot Manager Error 0xc00000e9

After you know some of the causes of "0xc00000e9 Unable to Boot Error", now you can start the troubleshooting process. Here's how to deal with windows boot manager error 0xc00000e9.

1. Check Hardware Compatibility

Check Hardware Compatibility

If you have multiple external devices connected to your PC, such as an external hard drive or USB flash drive, disconnect them all (leaving your mouse and keyboard connected), then restart your computer.

If the errpr stops, you can put your peripherals/external devices back in one by one. Then you can identify which device is causing the problem. After identifying the malfunctioning device, you can replace the device or update the driver to the latest version recommended by the manufacturer.

2. Change BIOS Settings

You can try to boot your computer with hard drive to fix 0xc00000e9. Follow the steps below:

Change BIOS Settings

1. Turn off the computer and press the Power button to boot the computer.

2. Press and hold the key to enter BIOS setup, usually the ESC, F2, F12 or Delete key.

3. Once you are on the BIOS Setup Utility screen, open the Boot option.

4. Once you are in the Boot option, make sure your PC's Hard drive must be at the top. You can press the arrow keys to highlight the hard drive and move it to the top of the boot device list.

5. Save the BIOS settings changes, and reboot the computer. This should fix the problem.

3. Check the Condition of the Hard Drive

A bad disk or bad sector can be one of the causes of error code 0xc00000e9 on your Windows PC. So it is highly recommended to test the condition of the disk for errors.

Check Hard Drive Condition

1. Boot the PC into Safe Mode.

2. In the search box on your desktop, type cmd . Then right-click Command Prompt and click Run as administrator. Then click Yes to confirm.

3. In Command Prompt, type “chkdsk /f /r“, and press “Enter“.

4. Press Y on your keyboard to run the process.

4. Update Drivers

Driver problems can also cause error 0xc00000e9, because the hardware cannot communicate with the software if a driver has a problem. You should verify that all your devices have the correct and latest drivers.

Note: Before updating the drivers, you must boot your computer in Safe Mode.

You can update the drivers manually by visiting the manufacturer's website and searching for the latest drivers that are correct and suitable for your device. If you don't want to bother with updating your drivers manually, you can do it automatically with the help of third-party applications.

5. Scan the PC for Viruses/Malware

If a virus is preventing Windows from booting, use a bootable antivirus tool. Download an antivirus application for Windows on another computer and copy it to a bootable drive. Most antivirus applications include a bootable rescue tool that scans the system from the command prompt.

6. Repair Master Boot Record (MBR) Using Windows PE

Error 0xc00000e9 can occur when you install Windows without setting the Master Boot Record (MBR), so you have to set your C drive as MBR to fix 0xc00000e9. Here are the steps:

Note: This is a complicated and difficult process. You should try it only if you are confident in your computer skills.

1. Connect an external drive or hard drive with Windows PE to your computer.

2. Run Windows PE, then set C: drive as MBR.

3. Restart your computer.

4. Try reinstalling Windows and check if the problem is fixed.


So those are some ways to deal with windows boot manager error 0xc00000e9. Now you know the causes and how to deal with error 0xc00000e9 on your Windows PC. Admin hopes that one of the methods above can fix your PC problem.

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