6 Dangers of the Deep Web You Should Know

6 Dangers of the Deep Web You Should Know

6 Dangers of the Deep Web You Should Know

 Are you thinking about visiting the deep web? If so, here are the reasons why you should avoid the deep web.

The deep web can indeed be a great place, because it provides access to information that you will never find on the regular internet. But it can also be a dangerous place. There is a lot of unwanted content that you need to avoid. Let's take a closer look at some of the deep web dangers you can find while visiting it.

1. Crypto Scams

If you have been following the news, you will know that crypto scams are common on the regular web. The issue even forced Facebook to issue a blanket ban on crypto advertising in mid-2018 (although that ban has now been partially lifted).

Therefore, it may come as no surprise to learn that crypto scams are even more common on the deep web.

Scammers use the same techniques as on the regular web, but a lack of regulation means they're more likely to be shut down by ad networks, forums, and other places where scams appear.

2. Exit Scams

An exit scam occurs when a seller stops shipping products but continues to take orders and money.

Since goods sold on the deep web are often illegal (weapons, drugs, etc.) and payments are made in Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, buyers have no recourse to redress or compensation.

Some of the most famous exit scams on the deep web include Olympus Market and Empire in September 2018, and Evolution darknet market in 2015.

The owner of Evolution market reportedly walked away with over $12 million in Bitcoin sitting in escrow.

3. Lots of Hoaxes

The deep web is full of scams, almost all of them want to rob you of your money without you getting anything in return. That happens very often, because hoaxes come in many forms on the deep web.

Perhaps one of the most famous examples is the “red rooms”. The rooms are intended to show direct abuse of animals and humans. Admin doesn't say they are all fake, but there are mostly scams that just want to steal the victim's money.

4. Can Damage Someone's Mental

Most ordinary people visit the deep web not for obvious purposes but more towards satisfying curiosity. And herein lies the fatal mistake. If you already know that it's clearly not good and full of bad things. Because there are lots of strange and extreme things on the deep web. Starting from murder, illegal trade, to torture. Images or videos that are there on average are not worth watching and are very likely to damage someone's mentality.

5. Lots of Viruses Scattered

The internet is indeed a very effective medium for the spread of computer viruses. This is a one hundred percent true fact. Viruses can indeed be packaged in such a way that they can spread through cyberspace. And the same thing happens on the Deep Web, but the level can be much higher.

The Deep Web can be likened to a virus nest where if you don't do protection, the viruses will attack instantly. What's even more terrible is that viruses on the deep web are usually more vicious. This means that this virus will be difficult to remove and could threaten your privacy or retrieve data on your computer. Therefore strong protection is needed before you visit the deep web, if you are not ready for this risk, then stop trying to enter the deep web.

6. Phishing Scams

We may be familiar with how phishing scams work on the regular web. Knowing or distinguishing the original web and phishing web on the regular web is very easy.

But on the deep web, it will be much easier for users to become victims because the way web addresses are presented is too strange and complicated, so it will be a little difficult to distinguish between real sites and fake sites. For example, take the 2016 example of the DuckDuckGo phishing attempt. Here's what a site's .onion domain looks like:

* http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion/

And here's what the phishing domain looks like:

* http://3g2up5afx6n5miu4.onion/

Are you sure you'll notice a difference during quick browsing?

Even worse, in some cases, fake sites have not only duplicated their intended targets, they have proven to be proxies for the real site. In practice, that means they can perform a man-in-the-middle attack and steal or modify data as it passes through a fake site.


So those are some of the deep web dangers that you can get when visiting it. The deep web does have a bad reputation for most people, both for the things we've covered in this article and for many other things. But there are some fun and good places on the deep web that you can't find on the regular web. So it all depends on what purpose you want to visit the deep web. But whatever the reason, make sure your computer is always strongly protected before visiting it.

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