5 Ways to Increase Game FPS for a Better Gaming Experience

5 Ways to Increase Game FPS for a Better Gaming Experience

5 Ways to Increase Game FPS for a Better Gaming Experience

 FPS or frames per second is a unit of numbers that indicates the movement of images in a row for a period of 1 second. The existence of a high FPS is very important to support smooth game play. The higher the FPS number, the higher the image quality displayed by a game. Because of that, gamers will usually try to buy a special gaming laptop to provide a more enjoyable gaming experience.

For those of you who have an ordinary laptop, of course you can still play various games that don't require very high FPS numbers, such as the Solitaire card stacking game. But for heavy games, you can increase the FPS in the game so that you will be able to enjoy the game properly with satisfying image quality. Freecell's simple games can also be played on any device, not only laptops, but also smartphones and tablets.

Then how do you increase the game FPS for your gaming experience? Here are 5 (five) ways to increase game fps that you can do right now:

1. Lower Game Graphics Settings

If you experience very low FPS in a game, then one of the quickest and easiest ways you can fix it is to open the game settings and lower the graphics settings.

You can do it manually and focus on lowering the most graphic-intensive settings first, or you can use the preset options in the game menu to lower all settings as low as possible. Settings like shadows, view distance, textures, etc. are all settings that can add quite a bit to the FPS if they are lowered or even turned off.

2. Lower Game Resolution

If your graphic settings have been lowered, then the next option you can consider is lowering the resolution of the game you are playing. As we know, games consist of thousands of images which are played very quickly in succession. The GPU system is in charge of making each of these images delivered to the monitor. The higher the monitor resolution when the game is played, the larger the pixels that appear in each image, and of course the harder it is for the GPU to produce that image.

So, if you lower the resolution of the game being played, you can reduce the number of pixels in each image and reduce the load on the GPU. This of course will allow producing images at a higher rate, and give an increase in your FPS.

3. Update the GPU Driver

Maybe your problem isn't the inability of the hardware to deliver higher frame rates. You have a good setup, but still get lower FPS. Therefore, you need to check and see if the GPU driver has been updated or not.

If the GPU driver hasn't been updated, then you need to update it because it turns out that it can increase the FPS in the game. And to update it, you just need to find out what GPU you have in your system, or you can go to the GPU manufacturer's website and download the latest driver for free.

4. Overclock the GPU

One way to increase your game's FPS is to overclock your system hardware, especially your GPU. Overclock is an action to speed up the performance of a device that can exceed the proper provisions.

You can overclock the GPU with software provided by the GPU manufacturer. Apart from the GPU, try to overclock your device's CPU and RAM which can be done through the computer's BIOS.

5. Perform Hardware Upgrades

The last way you can do to increase FPS in games is to upgrade the hardware you have. You can make additions to the graphics card, memory or even the CPU.

But if your laptop hardware can't be upgraded at all, then you should buy a new laptop that can support you playing games smoothly.


So, those are some ways to increase game FPS. You can increase the FPS in your game with the method that the admin has explained above, if you don't want to be complicated, you can upgrade your computer's hardware. Apart from using the method above, it cannot be denied that hardware capabilities also deserve attention because it is very influential in performance when playing games.

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