5 Ways to Get Money From Google

5 Ways to Get Money From Google

5 Ways to Get Money From Google

 In this modern era, there are many new professions that can generate a lot of money. You can take advantage of digital technology to create works that can be passive income or main income.

Talking about how to earn money online, Google is a platform that offers enormous opportunities. There are many programs or services that you can use to earn income. One of them is through advertisements displayed on websites that you create with hosting services or WordPress hosting.

So, if you are interested in exploring how to get money from Google, in this article the admin has summarized some tips that you can use as a reference. Keep reading the following information until the end, because there is a lot of information that is not shared in other articles.

How To Get Money From Google

There are many ways that you can use to get money from Google, from becoming a publisher through Google AdSense ads, selling e-books, to working for a company as an SEO Specialist.

Here's an explanation of how to get money from Google that can be used as inspiration:

1. Create a Blog, Then Register for Google AdSense

The first way you can do to get money from Google is to pursue the profession as a publisher. You can start a news blog, personal blog, or a blog with a specific theme that netizens are looking for.

In Indonesia, there are currently many successful bloggers who manage to earn tens of millions to tens of millions of rupiah per month every month. On average, they have several blogs that have been registered with Google AdSense so that they can earn income when ads are displayed.

You can follow in the footsteps of the master bloggers above, the key is consistency, perseverance, wanting to keep learning SEO development, and not giving up easily. Can't make a website? You can use WordPress or Blogspot which are very easy to use.

Meanwhile, if you still find it difficult to write original SEO articles, one of the ways is that you can order SEO article writing services, which are currently widely circulated.

2. Become a YouTuber with AdSense ad monetization

If blogging isn't your passion, maybe becoming a YouTuber can be used as an option if you still want to earn money from Google. The techniques and methods that need to be done are relatively the same as bloggers, that is, you have to produce content and register with the Google AdSense advertising platform so you can display ads.

Being a YouTuber is no less promising than a blogger, even if you're lucky you can become famous and become an artist on national television, because on YouTube you can show your face and express yourself more fully, just like on television.

Even so, you also need to know that becoming a famous YouTuber with an income of millions of rupiah cannot be done overnight. It takes a long process so that you can find the right audience.

3. Building Google AdMob Installed Apps

If you have the skills and expertise to make applications, you can try to make games or other useful applications. To get income from Google, you can place ads in the application, so that every user who sees and clicks on the ads that appear, you will get income.

The name of the Google service that you can use to serve ads in artificial applications is Google AdMob. The way this platform works is almost the same as Google AdSense, but its designation is specific to applications only. Cannot be used for blogs or YouTube.

How about it, are you interested in trying to become a publisher on Google AdMob?

4. Selling E-Books on Google Books

Admittedly, the digital era has changed many of the habits of people who used to be conventional but are now becoming increasingly digital. One of them is the habit of reading books which are now switching to e-books.

E-book stands for electronic book or electronic book in PDF format so it can be read via a smartphone, laptop or tablet device.

Google has an e-book publication platform that is quite popular in the world, namely Google Book. Here you can sell your book with prices starting from Rp. 10,000 to hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

There is no need to print and send it physically to buyers, because you only need to create a digital book once and then sell or distribute it directly to buyers.

5. Develop Paid Applications in the Play Store

Next, you can also get money from Google through the paid application sales method. You can make a popular game or game that is uploaded to Google Play, then add paid characters or items that can complement the gaming experience of gamers.

This method is quite effective and is widely used by game makers in the current era. Because you have the potential to get unlimited income, without the need to physically distribute games.

Those are some ways to get money from Google that you can use as a reference. Remember, making money is not easy, regardless of the platform you use. The key is to remain consistent, innovative, and not anti-trend changes. That way you will achieve success.


So those are some ways to get money from Google. Apart from being one of the platforms that internet users often turn to, it turns out that Google can also be a source of income. If you like to be creative and keen to see opportunities, you can try these tips on how to get money from Google.

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