5 Tips To Prevent Your Google Adsense Account From Being Disabled

5 Tips To Prevent Your Google Adsense Account From Being Disabled

5 Tips To Prevent Your Google Adsense Account From Being Disabled

 Google Adsense is one of the income for all bloggers around the world. Because blog owners can make money and meet website expenses. But it's not all that easy. There are several reasons, one of which is that getting an approved Google Adsense account is not easy. Because statistically the largest number of web spam, ad fraud, and other types of fraud come from third world countries, especially countries like Pakistan, India, Nigeria etc. This time we will provide 5 tips to prevent your Google Adsense account from being disabled. But before that, we have to know how Adsense works?

How Adsense Works

Before you prevent your Google Adsense account from being deactivated, you must first understand how Adsense works properly. Account approval at Google Adsense is not an automatic process carried out by several computer programs, in addition to each request being received manually and rejected by the personal Adsense that works at Google. So, if you think that you can actually trick Google's request-accepting algorithm by doing some sneaky things then you are very wrong. Another thing that you really need to keep in mind while using the adsense program is that Google is very strict with adsense rules and policies. If you violate any rules or policies, which you have accepted when requesting ad approval, they will immediately deactivate your account and all your earnings will be lost. Because they have a very important reason in doing all that.

Does Google Pay Earnings On Adsense

This is a very common mistake people make about the Adsense program. People think that whatever they earn on adsense, actually comes from Google's pocket. But it all turned out to be wrong. Adsense income actually comes from the pockets of ad publishers. When companies post ads through Google Adwords, the amount they say for CPC, it's divided into Google profits and adsense user revenue. Now it has been calculated using many complex mathematical formulas which include many key factors of our site like daily number of visitors, page rank, website average page view etc. So, in short if we have a very reputable site with higher page rank and more visitors. We will get more income from adsense than the others. Even higher CPC ads are shown most often on reputable sites.

Tips to prevent Google Adsense account from being disabled

1. Use a Unique Name & Address

This is very important. If you have previously created an account on adsense and the account was disabled or blocked or cancelled, do not try to open a new account with a new email id but the same name and address. Adsense will reject your submission. The only way to fix it is for you to check the Google Adsense disabled account FAQ or post your problem to the disabled Google Adsense account dedicated support forum. If your submission is rejected, simply check the points marked by Google in the rejection email and resubmit your request after fixing it. It may take months for the changes to actually update on Google servers, so re-register after a few months.

2. Always Follow Google's Rules

Google is very strict on their Adsense rules, because Adsense is not just a way for you guys to make money, beside Adwords is Google's main way to collect revenue. Adsense and Adwords are related to each other. Maximum users use Google Adwords, because they know that their ads will appear on millions of websites using Adsense and they can reach more audience. So, if adsense users don't follow the rules, it will undermine the trust of the ad publishers and eventually Google will lose their revenue. Here are some important things you need to keep in mind while using adsense on your site, to prevent your adsense account from being deactivated.

* Do not post or host content related to hacking, software cracking, piracy etc.

* Always use your 100% original content.

* Never use images that are copyrighted by others. Use only royalty-free images or create your own.

* Never click on your own ads or even ask anyone to click on your ads. Because Google uses a very sophisticated Artificial Intelligence program to track the location of the user's mouse pointer on the page and uses the behavior of the mouse pointer, which determines whether it is a legitimate click or a fake.

* Never tell your friends to click on your ads.

* Do not use pornographic material on your site.

* Do not use other advertising services on your website while using adsense

* Do not put more than 3 ads on any page.

3. Read the Terms Properly Before Accepting It

This is one of the most important things you have to do when signing up for the Google Adsense program. Generally we all just scroll through the end of any software license or policy or we just click accept it. But don't do that with Google Adsense. Take a little time for you to read the entire Terms and Conditions before accepting it. After this go to your site and make sure that your site complies with every term written there. And if you follow this process properly you will be guaranteed to have 96% chance or accept your adsense request in the first chance and if you keep following the rules your account will never be disabled.

4. Don't Use Money-Making Adsense Shortcuts

There are many websites out there claiming that by working with them you can earn thousands of dollars every month just sitting at home. Never trust these scammers, no matter what they say, no matter what media they use to contact you, whether by email or phone or paper flyers or whatever. Remember one thing, money never grows on trees, you always have to earn it. In this world, no one gives a dollar to anyone without a good reason, would you really think that you can steal money from Google, the IT giant of the earth? Don't ever think like that and don't let others fool you. If you find your friends involved in this scam, and ask you to increase their site ranking, then help them from this scam. The only way to earn good money from Google Adsense is to follow the rules.

5. Don't Manipulate Adsense Code

In many blackhat forums people always post some tricks to manipulate the Adsense code provided by Google. They say that if you manipulate the code a bit as mentioned in those forums, you will earn more. But please advise admin, never do that, because as per Google policy, manipulating adsense code is actually an offense and if you do Google will disable your account forever, so don't ever try this.

Account Disabled Due to Invalid Click Activity?

Is your Adsense account deactivated by Adsense Authority? Now, if you are wondering why it happened to your account or what you might have done, causing the account to be banned, Admin suggest you to read How to Prevent Google Adsense Invalid Click Activity , if you are also facing the same problem with activity policy Adsense Invalid Clicks.

Use AdBlocker Smartly

If you are using alternative AdBlocker on your website to show alternative content to users who have enabled Adblock in their browser, I suggest you to do it smartly, because wrong alternative content can DEactivate your adsense account permanently.


In the end, if you really want to use Google Adsense and want to make sure that your account is never disabled, always follow the rules given by Google and follow the tips that the admin wrote above.

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