5 Sites To Create Strong And Secure Passwords

5 Sites To Create Strong And Secure Passwords

5 Sites To Create Strong And Secure Passwords

 Do you have a password that is easy to crack? If you create a strong but complex password, how will you remember it? This app will increase your security with new strong passwords that you can update quickly across all accounts.

A simple piece of advice when it comes to password security is to use a good password manager. And yes, it is convenient and useful for most everyday cases. But a password manager isn't enough to keep you safe, and certain accounts like (banking or email) deserve more security.

That's where this app helps. Using different methods, you can create strong passwords that you can remember later, testing how secure they are against your current passwords.

1. Strong Password Generator

Strong Password Generator

If you don't know how to create a strong and secure password, let the internet do the work for you. Strong Password Generator (SPG) will create passwords that are unique and hard to crack, depending on your needs. More importantly, it will help you remember the password.

This web application has received praise and recognition from several security experts. It operates with five basic parameters that make a strong password: at least 15 characters, and a mix of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and symbols. Use the advanced settings in the generator to change aspects, such as using only simple punctuation and avoiding programming punctuation.

SPG suggests three different ways to remember passwords, as suggested by security experts. The generator also has a phonetic word generator, which gives you phrases with English words to try and remember passwords. Give it a try, it's one of the features that makes SPG one of the best generators online for strong random passwords.

2. Correct Horse Battery Staple

Correct Horse Battery Staple

You've probably seen this one before. In a six-panel comic strip, XKCD demonstrates how randomly generated long passwords are better than self-generated passwords because they are more difficult for a machine to beat while the creator remembers them. This web application implements the formula.

Correct Horse Battery Staple is named after a random phrase used in the original comic. The password generator allows you to choose:

* Minimum number of words in passphrase (2-10)

* Minimum character length of full password (10-40)

* Punctuation to use as separators between words (optional)

* Make the first letter of each uppercase (optional)

* Add random number to the end of the list (optional)

Based on the selected settings, you will get a strong password randomly. The trick is to create a fun scene in your head that allows you to remember these four random words as part of a single password. Or you can write it down in a very safe place that no one else can access.

3. Diceware Passphrases

Diceware Passphrases

There are many good reasons to use a password manager. But you still need to create a master password that's more secure than anything else, because it's the key to all of your accounts. Diceware is one of the trusted methods for creating strong and secure passwords that you can remember but.

Here's how it works. You will need a standard dice and the full Diceware word list from the website. Diceware assigns English words to groups of 5 digit numbers. For example, 16665 means cleft, while 15653 means cam. Roll the dice and record the number you get.

Diceware recommends a minimum of six words, which means you'll need at least 30 scrolls. Divide the reels into 5 digit numbers to get six words from the Diceware word list. Memorize numbers, not words, and if necessary, keep combinations in a safe place.

This may sound a bit complicated and intimidating at first, but the combination of the long character count and random words results in a passphrase that is hard to crack or guess. Several security experts use the Diceware method and recommend it.

If you browse, you will also find alternatives to the official Diceware website that make it easier to create passphrases that are the same as other word lists. If you don't want to use the real thing, make sure you use a list from a trusted source like EFF Dice-Generated Passphrases.

4. Password meter

Password Meter

Use whichever method you prefer, but once you've created a password, you'll want to test it against the current password. Try them both out in Password Meter, which tests password strength on various parameters.

Apart from the basic requirement of eight characters with a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols, there are many other metrics. For example, successive lowercase letters subtract from the value.

For each parameter, symbols indicate whether your passphrase exceeds, meets, or does not meet the recommended settings for creating strong and secure passwords. This is a simple little app that can tell you whether your password is vulnerable to attack

5. Update Your Pass

Update Your Pass

If your password has been planned in a security breach on one site, and you're using the same password on different websites, it's best to change it everywhere. However, changing passwords periodically is a good security practice.

Password changer pages are often not easy to find, hidden in Settings, “Forgot Your Password” links, or other places for such services. Update Your Pass provides direct links to change passwords for several key applications and services. Click the link, change the password, and return to go to the next service.

Naturally, you won't be using all the websites listed here, so Update Your Pas makes it a little easier to filter out the ones that matter to you. Choose the one you use by clicking on it, and click "Save This Website" to create a favorites list. This will be stored via the browser cookie for the next time you want to update your password.


So there you have it, 5 sites for creating strong and secure passwords. These highly secure passwords are ideal for critical digital accounts, such as online banking, email, and places where you store personal data. But for weird random registrations, you don't really need it. A simple password manager is a better choice.

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