5 Reasons to Choose Linux CLI Over GUI

5 Reasons to Choose Linux CLI Over GUI

5 Reasons to Choose Linux CLI Over GUI

 Longtime Linux users will know that the Command Line Interface or CLI has advantages in terms of performance, control, and ease of use. There are many reasons to choose Linux CLI over GUI. In this article, we will discuss these reasons.

As a novice Linux user switching from Windows can be a bit difficult without a GUI. The unusual syntax and the need to memorize commands might scare you at first, but if you get used to it and feel comfortable with the CLI, it will definitely help in the long run. Here are some reasons to choose Linux CLI over GUI.

1. Easy Help to Get

Occasionally you may encounter problems with your Linux machine. And when it does, you'll likely run to Google to find out how to fix it.

Soon, when you scan the results on common developer sites like Stack Overflow, you will notice that CLI fix solutions predominate when compared to GUI.

And if you are not comfortable with the command line, this is also a problem. Many commands require prerequisites that the user must install before issuing the command. Therefore, simply copying and pasting without knowing what you are doing is not the right choice.

2. Remote Connection Made Easier

To connect to remote systems such as Virtual Private Server (VPS), Linux uses a protocol that is widely known as SSH. On Linux, you can access it via a command line application called OpenSSH.

Most VPS providers do not provide a graphical interface to connect to your server. And even if they do, you guys will quickly notice how slow it is.

SSH, on the other hand, is a secure, trusted, and fast way to execute commands on your remote desktop. If you work as a developer, you may not always have physical access to the server. The ability to connect to servers remotely will soon become a necessity in such situations.

3. More CLI tools than GUI

In some open source projects, developers usually first grant command line access to their application. Later, they may provide GUI support. The GUI doesn't always come with all the options available in command line applications. Also, if you want to enjoy the benefits of an application without waiting for the GUI, you definitely need to be familiar with the command line.

4. Best Choice For Linux Servers

Although you can control the operating system graphically with a desktop environment, you may not have display hardware when working on a server. In such situations, knowing how to use the Linux command line might help. Also, troubleshooting can be much easier if you know how to monitor and control the services running on your Linux system.

5. Structured Command Syntax

Contrary to the commonly applied thinking that we just have to memorize a bunch of commands, but on Linux it's a little different, there are rules you can follow to make your commands structured.

The general structure followed by commands in Linux is:

command [options] [arguments]

This means that if you find any app on GitHub or need to upload your own, this is the expected format. Therefore, you guys will have no problem following up on different projects.

The command line also supports Tab completion i.e. you can type a command and then before completing it you can press the Tab key to auto complete. This shortcut is useful when you have long commands.


So those are some reasons to choose Linux CLI over GUI. As a novice or longtime Linux user, you can't get rid of the need to use the command line. There are several guides that can get you started on your journey with simple things like file management or creating a user account. Get started today, so that later you will get used to and be reliable in using it.

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