5 Causes of Slow WiFi Signals on Laptops or Cellphones

5 Causes of Slow WiFi Signals on Laptops or Cellphones

5 Causes of Slow WiFi Signals on Laptops or Cellphones

 Do you have your own Wifi connection at home? Or are you a public Wifi user? Not infrequently users experience interference when accessing the internet network, both privately owned and in public spaces. This seems to be quite disturbing for many people, especially when they are in important situations.

Wifi seems to be a basic requirement for digital society to support their various activities. Its existence has proven to be beneficial so that not a few people are already addicted to the convenience it offers. However, what happens if the Wifi that you access on your laptop or cellphone suddenly becomes slow/slow? So, here are the causes of slow WiFi signals on laptops or cellphones and their solutions.

1. Too Many Users

Wifi networks can indeed be used simultaneously. But technically, users can enjoy fast internet services if the access point is quiet. It is possible that users who exceed capacity will make Wifi slow, especially if you use a network in a public place. Because, the signal will be divided into several receivers at once.

The solution that can be done is to reset the Wifi password to limit users. You can also block suspicious connections so that a minimum of only authorized users are allowed. These tips apply to your own Wifi network, but if you are accessing a network in the area it's a good idea to switch to a more user-free one.

2. Browser activity that is too heavy

Some people take advantage of the internet network on their laptops or cellphones to download files, videos, movies, songs, and more. However, downloading with large capacity can also affect Internet speed. If you surf the Internet and download at the same time, then the network may be unstable. The reason is, Wifi will allocate a signal to the ongoing download process.

In addition, browser specifications that do not match the device used can also make the network slow. Browser is software for receiving and presenting various sources of information on the Internet. All browsers have their own standards. As a result, if your laptop or cellphone is not compatible, then the process of exchanging information will be disrupted.

For that, you can stop the download process first or vice versa, stop accessing the internet for a few moments. So, do the activities one by one so that the internet connection is not too burdened. Next, you can choose a lighter web browser alternative. Just adjust it to the default details from your laptop or HP.

3. Virus Infection Or Junk Files And Cache Piled Up

When accessing information from online sites, there are usually browsing remnants called junk files and cache files. Both are also read or downloaded automatically so that they fill the HP or laptop storage space. This can cause applications and networks to work slowly. This is because the bandwidth will be drained by the junk files that run alongside it.

Not only that, internet media is also not free from the risk of getting a virus. This problem cannot be considered trivial because it will affect the performance of the laptop or HP. Viruses that are scattered on the internet can come from download links, advertisements, e-mails, garbage files that have accumulated, to prohibited sites. The viruses to watch out for are Redirects, Worms, and My Doom.

You can overcome this by installing an anti-virus application. Avoid sites that are considered dangerous because they can harm the device. Apart from that, routinely clean up your laptop or HP storage from useless files. That way, the Wifi signal will also be received optimally by the device you are using.

4. Router Placement Error

The router is a Wi-Fi signal transmitter. Therefore, its placement is also an important thing to pay attention to so that you can optimally capture the internet network. It is possible that the internet on your cellphone or laptop is slow because the router is not in the right location. For example, placed on the floor or in a very closed place.

It is highly recommended that you place the router in a high position so that the signal is spread evenly. Also, avoid placing it near a window because the signal can spread outside the room. You can place it in the middle of the house. Avoid placing it in a closed room because it can hamper the internet network, especially if the distance between your location and the router is blocked by a wall.

5. Bad Weather to Natural Disasters

The most common factor that disrupts the stability of an internet connection is extreme weather, such as rain. You must often experience this where the Wifi signal on your cellphone or laptop suddenly becomes slow when it's raining heavily. Lightning also causes the internet network to weaken because it contains waves and electrical voltages that are so high. Likewise, strong winds can disrupt the Wifi signal.

Indonesia as a country that is traversed by two mountain paths undoubtedly makes it prone to natural disasters. Call it earthquakes that have a high frequency of disturbances, there are also volcanic eruptions and floods. The impact also varies from minor disturbances to severe damage. It is not uncommon for signal transmitting and receiving towers to collapse due to natural disasters.

Natural factors are things that cannot be avoided. The reason is, this incident can take place anytime and anywhere. You just need to be patient waiting for the repair process to finish. However, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) will try to provide the best service for customers.


So, those are 5 reasons why the Wifi signal is slow on cellphones or laptops. After knowing it, you can immediately apply the methods that have been recommended to re-optimize internet network speed. If you find that the WiFi signal still feels slow because the router is far from your room, try buying the best WiFi repeater so that the signal that is emitted again becomes stronger.

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