5 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress (Free)

5 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress (Free)

5 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress (Free)

 Hello friends! This time we will discuss the 5 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress (Free). If you want your WordPress site to rank well in search engines like Google or Bing, you need a WordPress SEO plugin. Because this plugin will help you to always publish high-quality and search-optimized content.

Fortunately, there are many great SEO tools available for WordPress. There are several SEO plugins that you can install and they will really help you. Here are recommendations for the 5 best SEO plugins for your WordPress site.

1. Rank Math

RankMath SEO

Rank Math is the best free WordPress SEO plugin, as it is as feature-rich as its free version and easy to set up on your WordPress site. This plugin has 400,000 active installed installations and has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 (based on 400 reviews). What is unique about this SEO plugin is that it allows you to optimize for up to 5 seemingly important keywords per post.

Rankmath supports more than 14 types of rich snippets which allow you to optimize your content very fast. The ranking of the pages of your website changes frequently, so you have to work on it continuously in order to always rank higher.

This plugin updates you about the current keyword ranking of the page so you will be able to take appropriate action to increase or maintain it. Rankmath performs SEO audit of your website which gives better insight about your website SEO. Here are some of the main features of Rank Math that you can get in the free version:

* Google Search Console Integration: Rank Math saves you a lot of time by integrating with Google Search Console and displaying important information about your website right inside WordPress.

* Can Track Google Keyword Ranking: With this Plugin, you guys can track your keyword ranking on Google.

* 30 Detailed SEO Tests: This plugin is designed to really make your website SEO more complete with 30 detailed SEO tests. Free account required.

* SEO for local business ranking: local business ranking is designed to be used by global websites and local websites alike. With its local SEO features, local sites can stand out on the SERPs and attract more traffic.

* 404 Monitor: Rank Math has a built-in 404 error monitor that helps you find and resolve 404 errors for a better user experience.

* Super Fast SEO Plugin: Even after packing so many features, Rank Math has a negligible load on your server, thus making it one of the fastest SEO plugins for WordPress.

* Optimize for unlimited keywords: You can optimize posts for up to 5 different keywords by default with the Rank Math plugin and can use filters to optimize for unlimited keywords.

2. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the best and also the most popular WordPress SEO plugin. Evidenced by the number of active plugins installed on more than 5 million sites according to WordPress.org, where this plugin also maintains a 4.9 star rating on more than 27,000 reviews. Here are some of the main features of Yoast SEO that you can get in the free version:

* Create better content: Snippet preview allows you to see how your page or post will look in search results.

* Page Analysis: This feature checks small things like post length, presence of meta description and whether it contains focused keywords etc.

* Meta elements and links: With this plugin, you have the power to decide which pages will be displayed by Google in its search results and which will not. While WordPress only shows the canonical link element on a page, Yoast SEO makes it available everywhere.

* XML sitemap: With the most advanced features of XML sitemap, this plugin generates XML sitemap automatically and informs presence in search engines like Google or Bing.

* Social integration: Yoast SEO comes with Facebook OpenGraph implementation to connect SEO and social media. but this feature

* Multi-site compatibility: Unlike some other plugins, Yoast SEO is compatible with multiple sites.

* Breadcrumbs: This unique feature empowers you to develop easy navigation for both search engines and users.

3. All in One SEO Pack

All in ONE SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack is the second most popular SEO plugin after Yoast SEO. According to WordPress.org, this plugin is actively installed on over 2 million sites while maintaining a 4.4 star rating across over 400 reviews. One of the things you might like, or might not like, about All in One SEO Pack is that it doesn't come with any analysis features. That is, it gives you the settings you need, but it doesn't make suggestions for how you can use those settings.

All in One SEO Pack also runs on a modular approach, which means you can enable or disable certain features based on your own needs. Here are some of the main features of the All in One SEO Pack that you can get in the free version:

* Bad Bot Blocker: Prevents malicious bots from reducing website speed.

* File Editor: Manually edit robots.txt and .htaccess.

* Import/Export: Import and export your settings to share with other sites.

* Robots.txt: Allows more control over how search spiders navigate your site.

* Social Media Integration: Add Open Graph to your site to provide closer integration between your website or blog and social channels like Facebook and Twitter.

* Video Sitemaps (paid version only): Allows you to create and manage XML Video Sitemaps and submit them to Google and other search engines.

4. The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework

The SEO Framework is a plugin that gets you search engine optimization ready in no time. This Plugin has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 (based on 186 reviews) and has over 100,000 active installed installations. Just like the previously listed best SEO plugins for WordPress, this plugin has a lot to offer.

This plugin also works differently as it allows installing additional plugins to cover specific SEO. There are Free, Essential, and Premium extensions available through the Extension Manager which must accompany the SEO Framework. Here are some of the main features of The SEO Framework that you can get in the free version:

* Easily migrate data from previously used SEO plugins.

* Customize Title, Meta Description, Open Graphics.

* SEO for custom post types.

* Customizable Meta settings.

* Auto-generated XML Sitemaps

* SEO Advice.

5. SEOPress


SEOPress is a newcomer who is quickly building a name for himself. It also runs a 4.9 star rating on over 400 reviews and is now active on over 100,000 sites. This one plugin offers many advanced features to optimize your website content for search engines. Apart from giving you better optimization, it also improves your social sharing. One thing that you will notice right away is the well-designed interface which does a great job. Here are some of the main features of SEOPress that you can get in the free version:

* Allows you to control which features are active

* Keeping everything efficient

* Gives you access to deeper settings if desired


So that was our list of the best SEO plugins for WordPress. It's hard to impossible to handle your website without SEO practices put in place there. Because SEO is what keeps a website alive by bringing it to the attention of people. So no matter how attractive your website is, if your website is not used for SEO sites. So, installing an SEO plugin would be the right choice as doing the same manually would be a difficult task and would therefore take up a lot of your time.

Also, read the article about 5 Best Plugins For WordPress Security (Free). And see you in another article. Bye
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