5 Best Cache Plugins For WordPress (Free)

5 Best Cache Plugins For WordPress (Free)

5 Best Cache Plugins For WordPress (Free)

 Hello friends! This time we will discuss the 5 Best Cache Plugins for WordPress (Free). If you have a slow wordpress site this is the perfect reason for you to start using this cache plugin why is that? Because a caching plugin will allow you to save recently accessed information on your visitor's hard drive.

Therefore the next time they visit your website, their browser doesn't need to fetch any information from your server. This can indirectly increase the loading speed on your website.

Not only that, cache plugins can also increase your website ranking, because statistically, almost half of your website visitors expect your site to load in less than 3 seconds. So it's no surprise that Google continues to emphasize site speed in its search algorithm.

The higher the page speed, the better the search ranking. For this reason, we will provide recommendations for the 5 best cache plugins for your WordPress site. Okay, let's get straight to the discussion Cekidot!

1. W3 Total Cache

5 Best Cache Plugins for WordPress (Free) 3

W3 Total Cache is one of the best WordPress cache plugins to improve the performance of your site. Because this plugin is the only WordPress Performance Optimization framework designed to improve user experience and improve page load times. This caching solution is highly recommended by some of the top hosting providers.

This plugin also helps you improve your site's SEO. With over a million active installs, it is also the second most downloaded caching plugin. Plus, this free caching plugin offers tons of amazing customization options.

This W3 Total Cache plugin can use file minification and GZIP compression to minimize the amount of loading time. Moreover, it is compatible with CloudFlare and also supports Content Delivery Networks (CDN). Not only that, but W3 Total Cache also has a plugin settings area divided into 16 pages, which consist of specific settings pages for each type of cache – page cache, object cache, database cache, browser cache, etc. The level of customizability you get from W3 Total Cache is hard to find in any other plugin.

2. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is a caching plugin created by WordPress itself. It is one of the most downloaded caching plugins by WordPress users with over 2 million active installations. Making WP Super Cache the free caching solution available to WordPress site users. The caching mechanism is very easy to configure and super fast. This plugin basically generates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog and saves them instead of WordPress PHP scripts.

In addition, this WP Super Cache offers three options to reduce loading times and improve site performance. This plugin uses the rewrite mod to send static pages, besides this plugin also serves static pages using PHP and legacy caching mode which caches pages for logged in users. You can also choose the type of cache you like in the advanced settings area. To make things more convenient, you can set up a scheduler which manages delete and resave at given intervals.

3. WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is a WordPress cache plugin that covers almost anything a user can search for. The developers of this plugin claim that it is the simplest and fastest WP Cache system, and also Having 1 million active installs, this plugin provides a fast browsing experience to your website visitors. It comes with fewer configuration settings for WordPress caching, which makes it one of the easiest WordPress caching plugins available in the official WordPress plugin repository.

Just like other caching plugins, WP Fastest Cache also creates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress site. To reduce file size, the plugin minifies HTML and CSS files. This is also what allows you to disable emojis on your WordPress site. This plugin effectively implements browser caching to reduce page load time for repeat visitors and combines multiple CSS files into one to reduce the number of HTTP round-trips. This plugin can also automatically modify .htaccess files, and offers a cache timeout feature. Which causes, all cached files are deleted at the specified time.

4. Comet Cache

Comet Cache

Comet Cache is another popular caching plugin with 70,000 active installations and is a powerful caching plugin for WordPress. Once installed, the plugin starts running in the background where it takes real-time snapshots of various website content to build cache. Then it's stored intuitively for later reference which can help improve your site's loading speed. Unlike other caching plugins, Comet Cache comes with the ability to cache logged in users as well.

Comet Cache is a plugin that has many configurable options to help you control all the plugin's features more effectively. And it has tons of features like URI exclusion patterns, user agent exclusion patterns, configurable expiration times for cached files, client side caching, Apache Optimization to enable GZIP Compression, and more.

All of the above features can be accessed with the free plugin, but if you are looking for some advanced options then there is a paid version of this plugin. You will get some advanced features including domain sharing, server load monitoring, Apache Optimization, option to clear cache files regarding markdown, and much more.

5. Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler is a lightweight caching plugin for WordPress with 70,000 active installations that offers a unique set of features to help reduce site loading times. This plugin is the first of its kind which allows users to serve WebP images without JavaScript.

Those of you who don't know, WebP is a new image format that is rapidly gaining popularity as a web-optimized image that provides both lossy and lossless compression. Once a file is accessed or requested, the web server delivers a static HTML file while avoiding all backend processes which may be resource intensive. This caching strategy indirectly increases your site speed, results in lower page load times and improves the performance of your WordPress installation.

Cache Enabler also provides extensive documentation that helps you explore the different features of the plugin. With beautiful screenshots and videos, and documentation that will walk you through the various aspects of WordPress caching. But this Cache Enabler advises you not to use mobile specific themes or plugins which feature different layouts for mobile and desktop users along with Cache Enabler because then cache will be bypassed, and rendered useless.

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