5 Applications for Watching Korean Drama on Android Phones

5 Applications for Watching Korean Drama on Android Phones

5 Applications for Watching Korean Drama on Android Phones

 Nowadays, who doesn't watch Drakor series? Today's society is very fond of films or series produced by the South Korean state, from teenagers to adults. The variety of genre choices is also one of the reasons why people like and are interested in Korean drama shows.

The peak in popularity of Korean dramas at this time is not only because of the beautiful actors. This is also caused by the stunning sets and props that are no less cool, such as the design of the house that is the shooting location. Some Korean dramas don't even hesitate to insert issues and criticisms to convey so they can create good moral messages for society.

The rapid development of the times is also a good influence for fans of Korean dramas. If in the past access to watching dramas was very difficult, now there are many viewing platforms that can be accessed by various levels of society. What are some applications for watching Korean dramas, especially for Android users? Let's look at the following explanation.

1. Viu

The first application for watching dramas on an Android phone is Viu. It's no longer a secret that Viu is the platform for watching Korean dramas that is most popular with the public. On Viu, you can enjoy many Korean dramas that have ended or are still on-going. Besides that, if you want to feel nostalgic for re-watching old dramas, Viu is the place. There are many choices of popular legendary dramas, such as Boys Over Flowers, The Heirs, Coffee Prince, and others.

Apart from watching drama series, you can enjoy many Korean variety shows such as Running Man, Men on Mission, Queendom, and many more. Viu also offers many series and films from other countries such as Japan and Thailand. This application has a feature that makes it easier for users to search for films, anime, Japanese TV, Asian TV, and others. Apart from that, here you can watch several movies or dramas for free but with advertisements. However, you can subscribe to premium to be able to enjoy Korean dramas without interruption.

2. Drakor.id

As the name implies, you can watch lots of Korean dramas on the Drakor.id application. This application is the most suitable place for those of you who are looking for the most up-to-date platform to watch Drakor. Apart from having premium quality, you can also stream your favorite dramas here for free! It will also be easier for you to understand the player's conversations in the drama because Drakor.id has an Indonesian translation.

Even though it's free, Drakor.id has pretty good picture and sound quality. So, you can focus on watching without worrying about the sound quality and image resolution. Another advantage of this application is its small size which certainly won't burden the storage memory on your cellphone. To get the Drakor.id application, you can easily download it via the Google Play Store.

3. Netflix

Who doesn't know this one movie streaming application? Netflix is already known for having a myriad of interesting films and series. But did you know that Netflix also produces several Korean dramas? Some of the popular ones are Squid Game, All of Us are Dead, Our Beloved Summer, and many more. You also don't need to worry about the limitations of dramas because apart from producing original series, Netflix also has many other dramas that you can watch.

This application also has features that can distinguish film genres so that you can easily choose the right viewing. You can easily download shows so it's perfect for watching on the go without worrying about running out of quota. However, to enjoy its various services, you must first have a premium account. So, make sure to subscribe before watching, ok! On Android phones, you can directly download the Netflix application via the Google Play Store.

4. Iflix

If you think that Iflix only serves local shows, you are wrong! Iflix also provides many Korean dramas that you can watch to your heart's content. Just like other applications, there are various genres that you can choose from here. Apart from that, you can watch most of the Korean dramas on Iflix for free. However, watching dramas is really the most fun if there are no commercials, right? You can upgrade your account to become a VIP member by subscribing first.

5. iQIYI

One of the best platforms for watching Korean dramas that can be downloaded on Android phones is iQiyi. Having HD quality videos, you can watch dramas in clear quality like in the cinema. Apart from that, there are lots of Korean dramas that you can watch here for free. However, like other streaming applications, you can watch ad-free by subscribing. Eits, you don't need to worry! Because subscribing to iQiyi is quite cheap, it only starts from one thousand rupiahs. Interested in using this application?

After reading the recommendations that we wrote, you don't need to be confused anymore about which application to choose when watching Korean dramas on an Android phone. Even though most of these applications are paid, you won't regret it because you can watch it without ad interruptions. May be useful!

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