4 Ways to Convert Webp To JPG On Computer

4 Ways to Convert Webp To JPG On Computer
4 Ways to Convert Webp To JPG On Computer

 Image optimization helps brands communicate messages and engage potential prospects. With significantly reduced photo size, users get a better experience. So, if you want to rank high in SERP, your website must support high quality images without any problem in the browser. In this post we will discuss how to convert webp to jpg on Windows and MacOS.

What Are Webp Files Called?

Webp files are the next generation image format developed by Google. It was made to make files less large so websites can load faster. By understanding how to use them, you improve your overall user experience (UX).

Google developed the Webp 2010 tool to provide smaller images for websites. In 2011, the tech giant launched a lossless compression mode. It helps website owners reduce image size by up to 45%.

How To Convert Webp To JPG On Windows

If you download an image and the only option is Webp, you don't need to convert it to another format. It is enough to use Paint in the program. Here is a step by step process using Paint to convert Webp to JPG.

How To Convert Webp To JPG On Windows

1. Use the search box and find Paint from the results.

2. Next, open the Webp file and drag it into the Paint window. Click file to open.

3. Right click on the file and select the JPG image. You can choose where you want to save the newly converted file.

How To Convert Webp To JPG On Mac

You can convert any Webp file to jpg on Mac using the built-in Preview app. Follow these steps to complete the Webp to JPG conversion using Preview.

How To Convert Webp To JPG On Mac

1. Open finder and locate the Webp file.

2. Double click and navigate to the duplicate tab. You can now open it in preview format.

3. Next, open the menu bar and select the export option. Make sure the drop-down menu is in JPEG format. You can also use the quality slider to change the size.

4. Adjust the file destination and click save.

How To Convert Webp To JPG With Third Party Apps

1. AnyWebp


Anywebp allows you to batch convert Webp to JPG in various formats. It is available online but also supports offline webp to jpg conversion. By using it, you can convert hundreds of WebP images to JPG or PNG with just one click!

You get lots of features like format conversion options, output quality plans, and selectable image sizes, Anywebp works on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Plus, it doesn't take up too much storage after installation.

To ensure data protection, this webp to JPG converter uses JS and VUE technologies. Another advantage with Anywebp is the fast processing speed, you can convert hundreds of files at once. In addition, the output format allows easy upload and conversion.

Even better, the 24/7 customer support ensures that any issues you may have will be resolved promptly. Here is a step by step guide to convert webp to JPG using Anywebp:

1. Download the software from the Anywebp official website for Windows or Mac operating systems.

2. Open the Anywebp program on your computer. You can do some basic setup now.

3. Select the output format, such as PNG, JPG, or ICO. Next, adjust the image quality and size according to your needs.

4. Drag and upload all Webp files on Anywebp. Then click "Convert All Webp Files". It will take a few seconds to complete the task.

5. Export the converted image to your computer.

2. PhotoShop

Photoshop Webp

You can download and save images from Photoshop 23.1. Apart from that, this tool allows you to import, export, modify, edit and hide your webp photos. One thing that makes Photoshop unique is that you don't need any additional plugins.

If you want to optimize your images for the web, there is an option for that. This great feature lets you prepare your images for the web. While it's unlikely that you can directly convert webp to JPG, you can explore it. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Download the WebShop plugin from Google – make sure it has ARM/universal support. This tool is also available on GitHub (under Apache).

2. Install plug-ins. Plugins downloaded and installed on Windows – program files, common files, adobe, plugins, and CC. For Mac operating systems, plugins are installed in MacOs -library, application support, adobe, plugin-ins, and CC.

Alternatively, you can use the shared creative cloud version. This means you don't need to download a plugin. First, you have to run Photoshop.

3. Open the webp file that you want to convert in Photoshop. Go to the files section and click open.

4. Go to the file section and click save. In the dialog box, you will see many options. You can now save the JPG file.

Note: for macOS, you cannot open the plugin because the developer cannot be verified.

Webp Files FAQs:

Can I Mass Convert Webp To JPG Without Downloading Software?

Anywebp online can help. To bulk convert webp to jpg, click the 'choose files' tab, drag the image in the dotted area, click 'start conversion' to convert it, then download the JPG file. Finally, you can use other editing tools to crop images, add captions, remove backgrounds, etc.

Are JPG Files Better Than Webp Files?

While both formats make images smaller and easier to share, the Webp file format makes images much smaller. According to Google, such images are 25-30% smaller than the original. Each of the two formats has its uses.

How To Easily Open Webp Files For Viewing?

The easiest way to open Webp files is in a browser. Just drag and drop the image in the new window and right click on it. If you are using Chrome or Firefox, double-click the image.

Purpose of Converting Web to JPG

1. To Display High Quality Images

Web to JPG conversion helps display high-quality images in multiple formats, no matter how many times they have been transferred. And thanks to the predictive coding method, you don't need to change the appearance of the image. Webmasters can now enjoy small, high-quality images. Not to mention, most modern operating systems and browsers can seamlessly accommodate the format.

2. Faster Website Loading

Google uses web speed as a ranking factor. With web-to-jpg conversion, file size is reduced to cut loading times. A visible decrease is the degree to which compression is applied. Smaller images also save bandwidth which is essential on today's mobile devices.

If a website loads slowly, users will look elsewhere when shopping for a product or service.

3. Save Storage Space

By compressing images, you can save storage space and can be used for other business activities. This is important for sites that contain lots of images. In addition, you can save on web hosting costs.


Webp is arguably the most efficient way to display images on the web. It is only a fraction of a JPG image and works seamlessly with both Windows and Mac operating systems. What's more, this format provides lossless compression without sacrificing quality. But there are still many media or platforms that do not support this file.

In this article, we have introduced 4 different ways to convert webp to jpg, including Windows Paint, Mac Preview, Anywebp, and Photoshop. If you are looking for the best solution to convert webp to JPG, you may want to consider the above options. We hope that this webp converter can help you to edit your images faster.

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