3 Ways to Find IndiHome Internet Speed & Other Providers

3 Ways to Find IndiHome Internet Speed & Other Providers

3 Ways to Find IndiHome Internet Speed and Other Providers

 If you are currently subscribing to an internet package, be it from Telkom Indihome or another ISP (Internet Service Provider), such as Biznet, MyRepublic ID, Groovy, CBN, FirstMedia, and so on.

Knowing the internet speed that we have is very important, so that we can know for sure whether the internet speed that we have is in accordance with the internet package that we have chosen.

There are several ways to find out internet speed easily and quickly. You don't need an additional application, just a web browser is enough to get accurate internet connection testing results.

Why Is Knowing Internet Speed Important?

As mentioned above, apart from knowing the quality of the network we have, knowing the internet speed is also very important for gamers, they might not want to see the game they are playing and look broken or lag.

To avoid all that, one of the ways we have to know is the internet speed that we have, is the quality of our internet sufficient to play these online games.

Knowing the internet speed is also important for viewers streaming videos or movies, be it on YouTube, Netflix or other streaming media services. We probably don't want to see the video we are watching choppy, so when we know the internet speed, we can know the quality of the video is stable to watch.

Our internet speed can determine how much time we need to do important tasks online. For that, make sure you choose the package that suits your needs.

There are interesting facts about internet speed in Indonesia. According to ceoworld.biz, Indonesia is in 92nd position out of 207 countries, as the country with the fastest internet. But even though the internet speed in Indonesia is still relatively slow compared to other countries.

According to Statista, Indonesia is one of the countries with the highest number of internet users in the world, occupying the 4th position. According to him, 171.26 million of the total population in Indonesia are active internet users.

What Should Be Known In Measuring Internet Speed?

Internet speed is usually measured in megabits per second or Mbps. You should know what this number means. Because every internet provider promises different levels of internet speed, usually the more expensive the price, the faster internet you have.

* 1-3 Mbps: This speed is good enough for browsing, sending email, playing social media or casual online games. However, it is not ideal for streaming videos.

* 3-4 Mbps: This is the minimum speed for standard video streaming from services like Netflix. This speed might be enough for a family with one computer, but if you watch videos in HD quality, it will cause slight buffering on the video continuously.

* 5-10 Mbps: The streaming media service Netflix recommends at least 5 Mbps for one stream in HD quality. Even though these are the recommended speeds, they can still cause buffering especially if you have multiple gadgets connected at home.

* 10-20 Mbps : This is the minimum speed to have a smooth and reliable internet experience. constantly downloading files from web and cloud storage services, at least get a plan with this advertised speed.

* 20 Mbps and higher: If a family has lots of computers and gadgets, often watches streaming videos, has smart devices, and all of them are used simultaneously, at least a 20 Mbps packet is needed to do all that smoothly.

How to Know IndiHome Internet Speed

1. Using Speedcheck

The way to find out the internet speed of Indihome or other providers easily, quickly and accurately is to use the service from the Speedcheck internet speed test site. Here are some of the advantages of using Speedcheck:

1. Easy to operate - How to find out internet speed using the Speedcheck site is relatively easy to operate. You just need to connect the device with WiFi or an ethernet cable, then enter the checking site to find out the internet speed.

2. The results are complete and accurate – Another advantage of using Speedcheck is the complete checking results. How to find out the internet speed of IndiHome or other providers can be done more easily with more accurate results such as latency quality, download and upload speed. Plus other interesting features such as checking data security.

3. Quick Checking Process - How to find out IndiHome internet speed with Speedcheck doesn't take long. Simply by pressing the Start Test button, in less than a minute the checking results have come out and you can see them.

For how to use Speedcheck is as follows:


1. Enter the Speedcheck official website by clicking on the following link: www.speedcheck.org.

2. Wait for the page to load perfectly. Then click the "Start Test" button.

3. Wait until the testing process is complete. The Speedcheck site will carry out tests in three aspects, namely the quality of latency or Ping, Download and Upload speed.

4. When finished, the results of the three aspects test will appear.

One of the interesting things about Speedcheck is that you can make the results of your internet speed test as a PDF, but your test records will be deleted when you clear your browser cache. For that, if you create an account at Speedcheck, all your tests will be stored in the cloud. There all your internet speed test results will be stored safely and can be accessed from all your iOS and Android devices as well as your browser. You can find this interesting feature on the History menu.

Speedcheck Statistics

You also need to know, if the results of checking internet speed through the Speedcheck site earlier you get a large Latency or Ping value, then this indicates that the quality of your internet is very bad. Conversely, if you get a value for the Download and Upload speed that is getting bigger, it means that the quality of your internet is getting better and more stable.

2. Using Windows CMD

Even though this method cannot know the internet speed for sure, it can tell how the quality of the internet you have. To do this, you can use the ping command in CMD.

Ping (Packet Internet Groper) is a popular command line tool to check for network related problems. Every OS has this inbuilt. Basically, it tells you how long it takes for a packet of data sent from your computer to reach the server and back to your computer (think of it like SONAR). The longer it takes, the slower connection you will have.

To test internet speed using the ping command, it's very easy. Here are the steps how to do it:

How to Know Internet Speed Using CMD

1. Open CMD by using the “CMD” search feature or by pressing Windows + R keys simultaneously and then typing cmd.

2. After CMD opens, you can simply open Command Prompt and type "ping" followed by the website address, for example, Google. An example command like this "ping www.google.com".

3. Once you have done this, you will see a reply coming from the domain, indicating that your internet is working.

Actually you can link other website addresses, but the admin himself recommends using Google's website address to test your internet speed in the Command Prompt, because Google's servers very rarely go down or down.

If you get a ping time under 50ms that's very good, while a ping time of 50ms – 100ms is still fast enough for online games. Anything under 250 ms is sufficient for browsing or casual use. But if you reach a latency or ping of 500ms – 1000ms and above, your internet speed will definitely feel laggy.

Latency is an indicator of whether or not your network traffic has taken the shortest possible route. So you may have a fast internet connection, but if the route taken is longer, you will see a delay while browsing.

3. Using the MyIndiHome Application

Another way to find out internet speed is to check it through the MyIndiHome application, which you can download for free on Google Play and the AppStore. Where the application is intended for those who have subscribed to IndiHome. Previously you had to register an account in the application with a telephone number or internet number. Besides being able to check internet speed, you can also view bills, view fups, report disturbances and much more.

What Causes Slow Internet Speed?

After you have tested your internet connection, you may find that your internet speed is not as expected or not the same as the package service you have taken. After double checking and running the test again, you may want to investigate further why this happened. One or more of the following reasons may be the cause:

* Too many devices connected to WiFi.

* ISP is currently experiencing interference.

* Your router or cable is not working or is overheating.

* Your WiFi signal is partially blocked.

* The bandwidth you are using has exceeded the FUP limit.

* Your computer may be infected by malware or virus.

The solution to this problem is maybe you can increase the internet speed by choosing a higher package. Also make sure that when testing the internet speed, your WiFi is not being used by many people, excessive use will result in a drop in speed. Also make sure the condition of the hardware is still in good condition. If the internet speed is still dropping, maybe you can report it to your ISP's customer service.


So that was how to find out the internet speed of IndiHome and other providers. You can do this method anywhere, either via a PC / laptop or via Android / iPhone. But sometimes there are some results that are not in accordance with what we expect. For this reason, the admin recommends that you use the first option to get accurate results.

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