2 Ways to Turn Photos Into Cartoons Online And Free

2 Ways to Turn Photos Into Cartoons Online And Free

2 Ways to Turn Photos Into Cartoons Online And Free

 Caricature is known as the art of humor, characterized by exaggeration and distortion characteristics. Nowadays people usually make caricatures a fun way to express their feelings and show their attitude towards real life. With the popularity of social media, portrait caricatures have become a trend.

If you're looking for the best tool to create caricatures online for free, you're not the only one. Because most of the people would want to get some simple work done and don't want to install any apps or do complicated edits.

Actually, there are several methods that you can apply to make good caricature working drawings. In this article, we will discuss how to turn a photo into a cartoon. Whether you are a designer or a content market, the admin is sure that this tool will really help your work.

How Does Online Caricature Maker Work?

Many photo editing websites support online caricature creation in 1-3 minutes. Most of them use sophisticated machine learning techniques to recognize and analyze a person's facial features. With the help of AI technology, tools like Caricaturer.io can quickly complete the task of transforming a photo-to-caricature, producing an exaggeration effect while protecting the identity of the portrait.

Why Use AI Technology To Produce Impressive Caricatures?

Using AI Technology to create caricatures, it's free, automatic, and much more convenient than hiring a professional caricature artist. The quality is also on par with human artists.

Meanwhile, AI tools create caricatures that look like human facial images made by real cartoon artists. In addition, the AI program has the ability to capture different styles of caricatures and how features are exaggerated.

Compared to hand-drawn artists, AI apps save time and with fast drawing and batch processing. Not only that, AI makes it possible to guarantee high similarity between the original photo and the converted result.

How to Turn a Photo Into a Caricature

1.Turn a Photo Into a Caricature Using Caricaturer.io

To quickly turn photos into caricatures, you can use the Caricaturer.io site. Caricaturer.io is an effective and trusted online software to turn your photos into cartoon effects. Compared to Photoshop and Corel Draw, Caricaturer.io users don't need to download or install the program.

You can visit the site and get interesting caricatures as long as you have a good internet connection. If you haven't heard of this fantastic online caricature maker, follow the admin and get the details.

This tool only takes 3 minutes to turn your photos into cartoon effects with more than 60 variations. What's more, depending on deep AI learning and machine learning technologies, this website can produce amazing exaggeration and distortion effects.

Key Features of Caricaturer.io:

* Easy to follow for beginners and professional designers.

* Free to use: membership is not required. You won't be spending any money here.

* Well-organized layout and beautiful UI: guarantees a good user experience.

* More than 60 stunning deformation and exaggeration effects.

* Simple and smooth process: Turn photos into caricatures with simple steps.

Steps to Make a Caricature Using Caricaturer.io:

How to Turn a Photo Into a Caricature-1

1. Prepare a photo that includes your face, then upload it to Caricaturer.io.

2. Wait for AI to process your photos, which usually takes 3 to 5 minutes.

3. View all 64 cartoon effects and select one or a group to download.

4. If you want all the images in bulk, just take 1 minute to create an account on this site.

2. Turn Photos Into Caricatures Using Befunky

Befunky is a “cartoon maker” platform whose main goal is to easily turn pictures into cartoons. Unlike Caricaturer.io, it is more like a design website as it offers users lots of graphics and templates. Even though caricature creation is not the main function, Befunky can still show good results if you give it a try.

Steps to Make a Caricature Using Befunky:

How to Turn a Photo Into a Caricature-2

1. Upload your image to the Photo Editor.

2. In the left menu, select the Artsy category.

3. Click Cartoonizer in your Artsy options list.

4. Choose from five variations of Cartoonizer, each with a slightly different style.

5. Use the Settings button to adjust the effects,

Even though befunky offers a variety of functions for you to convert images to caricatures, it imposes a lot of effects. Also, if you don't have an account here, you can't download the generated images directly.

Caricaturer.io Vs Befunky: Which Is Better?

Caricaturer.io is better if you only focus on creating stunning cartoon photos

* Simple layout and navigation bar make this tool easy to use.

* It is expert in making caricatures, providing more professional services.

* All functions are free to use and get 64 cartoon avatars at once.

Befunky is Better if you hope to enjoy lots of photo editing functions

* You can get creative inspiration through various graphics and icons.

* Supports online editing and online sharing.

* Get more special features if you upgrade.


So that's how to turn a photo into a cartoon. Thanks to artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies, you have different options for creating caricatures without consuming a lot of time and effort. If you're interested in improving your social media profile while having fun, why not try Caricaturer.io or Befunky? You can choose the one that suits you the most. We wish you a lot of fun from making caricatures.

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