2 Ways to Find Out the Indihome Wifi IP Address

2 Ways to Find Out the Indihome Wifi IP Address

2 Ways to Find Out the Indihome Wifi IP Address

 You must know that when a PC is connected to a network, you will get an IP address on the network. Knowing the IP address is often necessary, for example when you experience internet connectivity problems. There are two ways to find out the Indihome Wifi IP address. You can use Network Connections or use the Command Prompt. Read on for how to find out the Indihome Wifi IP address.

How to Find Out Indihome Wifi IP Address

1. Using Network Connections

To find your Indihome wifi IP address more easily through the Network Connections menu on your PC. Here are the steps.

1. Open Control Panel

Open Control Panel

For faster access, you can press the Windows + R symbol on the keyboard, then type control panel, and press enter to open the control panel window.

2. Open the Network Connections Menu

Open the Network Connections Menu

After you are in the control panel window, you click on the Network and Internet section and click again on the Network and Sharing Center section. On the left side click on the Change adapter Settings section. Then automatically it will open the Network Connections menu.

3. Open Network Connection Details

Open Network Connection Details

After the Network Connections menu opens, then you select the adapter you are using, it depends on the type of connection you are using. Double click on the adapter name. Then a new window will open, then click the Details button, then Network Connections Details will display your IP Address. In the IPv4 Default Gateway section, that is your Indihome Wifi IP address.

2. Using the Command Prompt

Seeing the IP Address through the Command Prompt is simpler. If you want to know how to find Indihome wifi IP address using Command Prompt, follow these instructions:

1. Open Command Prompt

Open Command Prompt

Press the Windows symbol + R on the keyboard, then type cmd in the provided field. Press enter , then Command Prompt will open immediately. If you are using Windows 8 and above, then press the Windows + X symbol on the keyboard and select Command Prompt in the available menu

2. Run the Command "ipconfig"

Run Command "ipconfig"

Type ipconfig and hit enter. Your PC screen will display a number listing your network connection information. All network connections on your PC will be displayed as a whole.

3. Find the IP Address

Find IP Address

You need to know that an active internet connection will be named Wireless Network Connection, Ethernet Adapter, or Local Area Connection. Look for your active connections. Pay attention to the number that appears on the Default Gateway =, that is your IndiHome Wifi IP Address.


So those are two simple ways to find out your Indihome Wifi IP address. It is important to remember that your IndiHome IP address will not be detected. It could be caused by a number of things, starting from an IP conflict if you are using a static IP setting or it could be due to a hardware problem on your router.

If it's caused by an IP conflict, you can change your IP address settings. But if it's caused by an Indihome wifi device, you can take simple steps by restarting your Indihome device. If the problem hasn't been resolved, you can contact the Indihome help center to help deal with problems with your Indihome Wifi.

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