15 SEO Tips To Increase Your Rank In Search Engines

15 SEO Tips To Increase Your Rank In Search Engines

15 SEO Tips To Increase Your Rank In Search Engines

 Every website wants to be a good place in search results, especially Google because it is the biggest search engine in the world. But unfortunately most of them are not successful in ranking search results.

This time we will share some very effective SEO tips. This will help you increase your search rankings for all the major search engines out there, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. To make it easy to understand, we're going to divide the 15 SEO tips into non-technical and technical sections. So, let's get started.

Non-Technical Tips

Admin will share all related non-technical tips to achieve good SEO here. So you won't get lost in distinguishing technical and non-technical.

1. Simple & Clean Design

Many popular websites out there always have a simple, clean and minimal design. Believe me, these SEO tips are very helpful. Most webmasters treat web crawlers differently from normal users, but in reality they behave the same and rank you according to the experience they have on your website. So, try to use a clean and minimal design along with a good font size, so that it is easy to read from a normal screen distance.

2. Keyword Research

Do proper keyword research before targeting specific keywords. You can use the AdWords Keyword Research Tool for planning and selecting target keywords, but if you are willing to spend some money (on a monthly basis) for better keyword research and analysis, we would recommend you to use SEMrush which is great for keyword planning.

3. Precise Title & Description

This is also very important and I hope that most webmasters are aware of this importance. So, use a proper title on your page or post and make sure it contains your target keywords. Like if your target keyword is Tech Blog, you should have something like “Jone Tech Blog”.

So the rating is good. Also description is another important thing for SEO. Make sure you have proper descriptions for each page and post. Also try putting your target keywords in the description section. Mighty Google doesn't always use page descriptions in their search results, but most other search engines do, so give it a miss.

4. No Keyword Stuffing

Many webmasters and bloggers do a lot of keyword stuffing just to rank higher in search results. But this is a very bad thing and in fact you can receive a penalty from this type of work and you will be placed on page 12 of Google.

Google hates keyword stuffing. What admin recommends is to mention your target keywords in the Title, Description, and the first paragraph of your page or post. After the first paragraph you can use adjacent nouns in your other pages or posts unless you really need to mention keywords, don't mention them just for filling.

5. Images With Proper Alt Tags

Nearly 76% of websites do not use proper alt tags and title tags for their images. They just enter the image link and post it on the web. Don't be like that, this is a very bad approach to SEO. Make sure almost every image you have on your website has the correct alt and title tags.

6. Write Unique And Quality Content

It is one of the key ingredients for moving up the SEO ladder quickly and steadily. Google and all the other search engines pay a lot of attention to this above all else. If you have good and unique content that attracts and satisfies more users than other popular sites, Google will be more than happy to place your site in the number one position over those popular sites. Besides doing your own research and writing something so unique that it will impress readers along with search engines.

7. Engage With Users

You might think that how effective user engagement is with SEO, but there are more than 26 variables in Google's search algorithm that are actually based on user engagement and satisfaction. The more satisfied users are, the more score your site gets from Google. Along with that, user engagement also increases social counts and referrals which will help increase your site traffic and improve your SEO. If you are a WordPress user, Emojics is a great plugin to increase user engagement on your site.

Technical Tips

Now is the time to share technical SEO tips for your site and improve your SEO and search engine rankings. So, follow every suggestion properly.

1. Reduce Site Loading Time

This is the most important technical aspect of a website to have a better SEO ranking. Every search engine crawler takes site load time very seriously and if your site loads slowly then most of the users will bounce off your site just because it is slow and the crawlers will give your site a bad ranking. You can use Pingdom Tools to test the loading speed of your site.

Pingdom Website Speed Test

As you can see from the screenshot above that the home page of this site took almost 1.74 seconds to load and according to that Pingdom. To understand it better here is a table of load times, ratings and what to do.

Site Load Time Rating What should you guys do

0 – 1 second Fast Nothing can be done

2 – 3 seconds Average Site speed is not great but you guys should consider improving it soon.

4 seconds or so Slow Consider switching to a better host, Reduce the number of blocking javascript elements, Load js synchronously, Get a good CDN.

After testing your website and checking the table above, most webmasters find their site in the slow rating category, especially those using a CMS like WordPress. This is because WordPress adds some JavaScript within the page, but every WordPress site uses different plugins and themes which actually add a lot of blocking elements to pages and posts and add to the load time overhead. So, try to use a simple theme with less js and correct code, also use less plugins for faster site loading.

2. Use Correct Image Size

Most theme & website developers don't really care about image dimensions, but it is one of the main reasons for increasing page sizes, site load times, and reducing SEO scores. Many themes and sites fetch images ( 1024px X 768px ) from the server whereas HTML designs only require images ( 400px X 300px ).

So the image is getting reduced by the browser with the help of HTML and CSS. This is really bad and adds a lot of overhead. There are developers who do this and most WordPress theme developers (even premium themes) do this all the time (claiming this to be retina display support). So make sure to always serve the right image sizes in your HTML and CSS.

3. Optimize Images

Most of the images uploaded on the internet are often not well optimized and thus you save larger images without optimizing them well. It also hurts your SEO ranking, so you are better off using properly optimized and properly sized images on your website.

If you are a WordPress user, there are plugins like Smush which are free and will optimize your images nicely without doing anything on your part. But if you are not a WordPress user then you can use Adobe Photoshop or a similar application or save your JPEG image at the correct size and it will load progressively faster.

4. Proper Robot.txt

Robot.txt is an advanced txt file that tells web crawlers what to crawl and what to avoid. If you configure your robots.txt file improperly, it will block all web crawlers from visiting your site and your site will lose SEO and search rankings. So, unless you are a power user, don't mess with the robots.txt file on your site. For example, this is the robots.txt from the admin site.

5. Switch To Responsive Design

According to an article by backlinko, Google gives prominence to responsive sites in searches from mobile devices. Responsive themes result in a better overall user experience. Many people prefer responsive themes because they get almost the same site layout and experience on all devices. So make sure you switch to a responsive theme to improve the user experience as well as the SEO on your site.

6. Use Sitemaps

A sitemap is an xml file with a list of all pages and posts and images which helps crawlers to understand the structure and niche of your site and to crawl properly. Search engines give more preference to sites that have the right sitemap than those that don't. If you are a WordPress user, Yoast SEO Plugin is the best plugin that has every SEO need starting with page title, description, sitemap everything.

7. Register with Google and Bing Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools both provide excellent tools for webmasters so they can add their site to it and start monitoring any potential issues you may have with your website. One thing you need to keep in mind is to always add every flavor of your website to webmaster tools.

So if your site is www.example.com, make sure you add the example.com (non-www) and www.example.com (www) versions of your website and then choose your preferred domain (non-www or www) version) from the webmaster tools settings. This will help search engines to fetch all your sites correctly and then point them all to one address.

Also make sure you add a permanent 301 redirect to your site to your preferred version when the deprecated version is visited by any user. Don't forget to add your sitemap.xml to webmaster tools.

8. Use SSL

Back in 2013 Google stated that their search algorithm would give higher preference to websites that are concerned about user privacy and security by using SSL. Even at Google IO 2014 google did a presentation called "HTTPS Everywhere" to encourage webmasters to use SSL on their sites.

Lots of drastic improvements in the site after migrating to SSL. Even though SSL is very expensive, it requires a dedicated IP, it makes the site load slower. If you can set up the SSL site correctly, it will load at the same time as the HTTP website and you won't notice a notable difference. If you want to use SSL for free, you can use the Cloudflare service.


Since the admin has shared the 15 SEO tips, now we will share some things that you don't want to do even though they are recommended by many bloggers. Actually there are some things that you should avoid even though many bloggers help you do it.

1. Guest Blogging

Yes that's right. In late 2014, Google's Matt publicly stated that guest blogging for link building strategies would be treated as SPAM and Black Hat Techniques and websites would be penalized. So, if you are doing guest blogging to build your website link, you should stop immediately.

Like google you can blog as much as you want when not used to SEO link building practices. Instead, the admin advises all of you to write unique and good quality content so that people like it and you get genuine backlinks automatically. Work hard for good content, not for Black Hat SEO tricks.

2. Don't Use Paid Traffic

Never use paid traffic to your website to increase web hits and rankings. Ads are always good and not considered as paid traffic but there are some companies in the Middle East who generate traffic from BOT instead of real users just to increase hits on your site. Never use this under any circumstances, you guys are better off spending money on ads. Search engines take this type of website traffic very seriously and place it at the bottom of search results.

3. Don't Use Black Hat Techniques

There are many forums and blogs out there to share Black Hat SEO techniques to achieve higher rankings without much work but trust me these tricks will not help you in the long run and finally when Google will release this patch for Black Hat your site will be at the bottom of the search engine. So, always use the right and proper SEO techniques for your site.


So take some time, re-evaluate your site after you've implemented some of these SEO tips. Check if there is something better for your site or not. Ideally, you will see a significant increase in your site's organic traffic levels.

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