15 Reasons To Switch Using Linux

15 Reasons To Switch Using Linux

15 Reasons To Switch Using Linux

 There are so many reasons to switch to Linux. Most of us still use the Windows OS operating system, for the reason that it is easier to use than Linux. In either case, if you don't enjoy using a Linux distro then Windows will be your choice. However, in reality, we tend to experience something different, which allows us to switch to using the Linux operating system. Here are 10 reasons that make Linux superior to Windows.

1.Open Source

The most obvious advantage is that Linux is free while Windows is not. Windows license fees differ for desktop and server versions. In case the Linux OS can be desktop or server, the distro comes at no cost. Not only OS even related apps are completely free and Open Source. Although some Linux distros charge a fee for support, they are not much more expensive when compared to the price of a Windows license.

2. Safe

Windows OS is vulnerable to many kinds of attacks (or hacks). However, Linux is not as comprehensive as Windows. Certainly not invulnerable, but much safer. Overall, the package management process, repository concept, and several other features allow Linux to be more secure than Windows. When you install Windows, you need to download/buy an Antivirus app to keep your computer safe from hackers and malware. However, Linux does not require the use of such Anti-Virus programs. Of course, some software tools still exist to help keep your system free from threats, but they are often unnecessary when you have a Linux system.

3. Light

Linux systems are known to consume less system resources (RAM, disk space, etc.) when compared to Windows. Hardware vendors have realized the popularity of Linux and started to make hardware/drivers compatible with Linux. When running the OS on older hardware, Windows is slower. Linux distros like Lubuntu, Knoppix, LXLE, antiX, Puppy Linux are best suited for aging machines. Old horses like 386 or 486 machines with decent RAM (>= 124/256) can run Linux.

4. Friendly And Easy To Use

Windows OS is one of the simplest desktop OS available today. The friendliness to the users is outstanding. Even though Windows has a relatively minimal learning curve, Linux distros like Ubuntu, Elementary OS, Linux Mint etc strive to improve the user experience making the transition from Windows to Linux smooth and easy. Linux distros allow users to select one of various desktop environments like. Cinnamon , MATE , KDE , Xfce , LXDE, GNOME, etc. If Windows users wish to migrate to Linux, WINE (Wine Not an Emulator) can be installed to experience Windows applications on Linux systems.

5. Perfect For Programming

Linux supports almost all major programming languages (Python, C/C++, Java, Perl, Ruby, etc.). Apart from that, this operating system offers various useful applications for programming purposes. Linux Terminal is superior to use than Window's command line for developers. You will find many libraries developed natively for Linux. Also, many programmers point out that the package manager in Linux helps them get things done easily. Interestingly, bash's scripting capabilities are also one of the most attractive reasons why programmers prefer to use the Linux OS.

6. Drivers Included

When you first install the windows operating system you have to struggle with drivers. Finding the right drivers for your system is a difficult task. But with Linux, most of these drivers are supported directly by the Linux kernel. Which means it's more like plug and play for Linux, no issues with drivers, for the most part.

7. Software Update

Microsoft pushes software updates when it receives a series of issues or if something major needs fixing. On the other hand, you will observe a software update to solve a few problems. Updates on Linux are very different. You will be notified regularly that updates are available. And this update includes not only system and security updates but available updates for various installed apps. Unlike Windows, you don't have to wait for the shutdown or startup time.

8. Customization

One of the main advantages of using Linux over Windows is customization. If you like changing the look of your system, Linux is perfect for that. Apart from installing themes, it has a lot of nice icon themes. Moreover, you can use Conky to display system information on the desktop in the coolest way. It goes without saying that you can do a lot of things on Linux Wallpapers.

9. No Crash And Reboot

There are times when Windows suddenly shows an annoying message saying that the machine needs to be restarted. Windows also often confuses you with several types of critical updates, security, definitions, update rollups, service packs, tools, feature packs. Windows often asks to reboot the system every time it applies an update. When undergoing a software update or installing/uninstalling software on a Linux system, there is generally no need to reboot the machine. Most system configuration changes can be made at system startup.

10. Has Multiple Distributions

On Windows you may have different packages which are in license terms, activation period, features packed, and price. Instead, you will find many Linux distributions catering to a wide variety of needs. So, you can choose to install any available Linux distro according to your needs.

11. Free to Use

Linux can be installed and used as a desktop, firewall, file server or web server. Linux allows users to control every aspect of the operating system. Since Linux is an open-source operating system, it allows users to modify the source (even application source code) itself according to user requirements. Linux allows users to install only the software they want and nothing else (no bloatware). Linux allows complete freedom to install open source applications in a vast repository.

12. Better Community Support

Perhaps the best thing about Linux is the Linux community. You will never feel alone in the world of Linux. Apart from tons of blogs explaining Linux problems, or you can just drop by forums like GitHub, or Stack Overflow for whatever problem you have with your system, someone will always try to help you. That's Linux community support.

13. Reliability

Windows, as we know, becomes sluggish day by day. You will want to reinstall Windows after a while when you encounter crashes or slowdowns on your system. If you use Linux, you don't have to worry about reinstalling it just to experience a faster and smoother system. Linux helps your system run smoothly for a longer period. Another fact that proves Linux can be relied upon is the web server. You can observe that most of the Internet giants like Google and Facebook run on Linux. In fact almost all supercomputers run on Linux.

14. Segment Servers

Linux is installed on most servers indicating that it is the best choice with minimal resource footprint. Even rivals use Linux in their offerings. As software applications move to cloud platforms, windows servers are increasingly being removed to make room for Linux servers. The majority of supercomputers run on Linux. Although the battle between Linux and Windows continues in the desktop segment when it comes to the server segment, Linux is developing as the clear winner. Organizations rely on servers because they want their applications to run 24x7x365 with no limited downtime. Linux is already the favorite of most data centers.

15. Linux Is Everywhere

The Linux Operating System is indeed ubiquitous. From the smallest devices to the biggest supercomputers, Linux is everywhere. It could be a car, router, phone, medical device, plane, TV, satellite, school watch or tablet, Linux will be there. Inventor Linus Torvalds himself would not have imagined this kind of success when he wrote the first Linux kernel. Kudos to Linus and Stallman for their contributions.


There are over 600 different active distros to choose from. Each is different on its own and meant for a specific purpose. Linux distros are highly customizable when compared to Windows. There are even more advantages that you can find by using Linux. Linux is powerful, flexible, secure, reliable, stable, fun than Windows. The best thing is that Linux is free. Linux will undoubtedly emerge victorious when all aspects are considered. There is no reason why you wouldn't choose Linux over Windows.

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