15 Lightest PC Browsers for Low Specs

15 Lightest PC Browsers for Low Specs

15 Lightest PC Browsers for Low Specs

 When using a heavy web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox can significantly drain your system memory & drain battery in no time. So what's the alternative? The answer is clear, namely using a lightweight browser. Here is a list of the lightest PC browsers for Windows which will not take up your system resources.

Midori Browser

Midori's Lightest PC Browser

Midori is a lightweight open source browser. Apart from being a lightweight browser, this windows browser supports mainstream browser features. This includes HTML5 support, bookmarks, RSS support, Spell checker, anonymous browsing (Incognito browsing), etc.

Midori also has the feature of changing privacy settings, font/display settings, startup settings, etc. Like most browsers, it also comes with a default search engine. Midori uses duckduckgo as its default search engine.

Regarding UI design, Midori has a minimalistic and straightforward approach, which is the current trend. The UI mainly consists of a search box, a bookmarks bar, a few plain buttons, and apparently, the content takes up most of the space.

Comodo IceDragon

Comodo IceDragon's Lightest PC Browser

The first thing to mention is that Comodo is a security company, and that explains the superpowers of this browser. Along with strong security, Icedragon also has other necessary features, which are similar to Mozilla Firefox. Some of these features are menus, extensions, add-ons, and so on.

This lightweight browser uses Comodo's DNS server when converting URLs to IP addresses. And the company claims that Comodo's browser servers are faster than others. In addition, the best web browsers run in virtualized containers. There is no contact with the system, which means that potentially malicious software is not downloaded or installed. This lightweight browser also has features like scanning web pages for threats, crash reports, performance reports, etc.,


SeaMonkey's Lightest PC Browser

Like Midori, Seamonkey is also an open source Windows browser. This one offers a lot more than a normal web browser. SeaMonkey has a built-in email client and also helps develop simple web pages using the built-in editor.

This lightweight Windows browser comes with a built-in password manager. Other features include mouse gestures, voice interaction, ability to restore sessions, etc. The thing to note is that it has all these features especially features like voice interaction and it's still lightweight.

There is a downside to SeaMonkey. Because it is open-source, Seamonkey is subject to frequent changes. Hence, it is not stable and reliable, but less energy and memory consumption makes the downside irrelevant.

Maxton Cloud Browser

The Lightest PC Browser Maxton Cloud Browser

This best browser comes with features that even its significant competitors don't have. Maxton comes with a built-in ad-block (which many users want and many browsers lack), screen capture tool, night mode, reading mode, and so on. In addition, it has a multi-account password manager, which is named Magic Fill.

Apart from that, Maxton Browser gets its cloud service to sync user data between different devices. This is a useful feature as we move towards the trend of cross-platform compatibility. Paxton is a multi-engine browser featuring Trident engine (Internet Explorer) and WebKit engine (Safari and earlier chrome).


Waterfox's Lightest PC Browser

Waterfox is a lesser-known lightweight browser for Windows 10 & other versions. It is an open source surfing platform which is based on Firefox to allow users to have a great deal of control over how they browse the web. It supports old & new Firefox addons.

It offers complete tracking protection & will sync with your regular Firefox account. In addition, it gets frequent security updates. Hence you can keep your privacy intact in the digital world. This browser also has speed with low memory usage. Can send data or telemetry back to Mozilla for fixing purposes and automatically import plugins, history & settings from Firefox.


Vivaldi's Lightest PC Browser

Vivaldi has a solid performance and reliable browser for Windows 10. This lightweight browser uses Google's Chrome engine, but uses significantly less memory than Chrome browser. Vivaldi has got some customization options like themes, tab settings, create notes etc.

Vivaldi browser has an option to schedule theme changes automatically. The Vivaldi browser has beaten Mozilla Firefox in the HTML5 test. This Windows browser is still quite young and has room for improvement.


The Lightest Torch PC Browser

Torch Browser also uses the Chrome engine in it. This browser is perfect for those users who want to access media content from the web. Torch browser is primarily designed to help listen to music and watch videos.

This lightweight browser is packed with features to easily manage and play media sources. Torch browser has a built-in youtube streaming service called torch music. Another feature is the built-in download button. This saves us the trouble of finding additional tools and prevents installation of any malware.


Lunascape's Lightest PC Browser

Lunascape is a multi-engine browse like Maxton Cloud Browser for Windows 10. Unlike Maxton Cloud, Lunascape has three engines associated with it. Trident (Internet Explorer), Gecko (Mozilla Firefox), Webkit (Safari, and formerly Chrome) are the three engines used. The best web browsers allow switching between these machines at any time. But this may cause poor performance on some systems.


Opera's Lightest PC Browser

Opera is one of the most popular lightweight browsers for Windows users. Opera consumes very few computer resources and doesn't put a strain on your CPU. It helps free up maximum RAM space for other tasks. You can use as many extensions as you like. It will still offer you a faster and lighter experience.

You get lots of productive features with Opera. It comes with a built-in ad blocker too. It helps load web pages faster by blocking trackers and ads. You can organize tabs in workspaces, convert units, send links and sync data between devices, and do a lot more with Opera. It even comes with a free VPN. That makes Opera perhaps the best browser for Windows. You can even get Instagram in the sidebar while you are browsing.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge's Lightest PC Browser

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser on Windows 10. It is an upgraded version of the original Internet Explorer browser. However, Edge offers users a much better experience. It also uses significantly less system resources when compared to other browsers. Microsoft Edge comes with good security features too. It can detect phishing and block malicious sites from attacking your computer.

The page load speed in Microsoft Edge is also very fast. It was built on the Blink and V8 engines. This makes the interface somewhat similar to Google Chrome. Either way, Edge offers a seamless browsing experience. You can even sync content across devices. There are many extensions for Edge available in the Microsoft Store too. It allows you to customize the browser according to your needs.


Brave's Lightest PC Browser

Brave is another lightweight browser that comes with a built-in ad blocker. This allows you to surf the web without worrying too much about your privacy and security. Brave Browser blocks cookies, dangerous sites and phishing attacks by default. You can also force HTTPS across the sites you visit in the browser. Brave is a Chromium based browser, which ensures that you get up to 3 to 6 times faster page loads.

There's an option to prevent browser fingerprinting in the Brave browser as well. This keeps your data safe from ad trackers. It is also possible to customize the interface for a personalized experience. You also get a cryptocurrency wallet integrated in the browser. It's also very easy to import settings and bookmarks from your old browser into Brave.

UR Browser

UR's Lightest PC Browser

UR Browser is arguably the best web browser for Windows 10 in terms of its privacy features. It comes with powerful tools. This gives you complete control over who sees your data online. Apart from that, this browser also loads websites faster. It does this by removing ads, trackers and cookies, which can overload web pages.

You also get alerts for dangerous websites while browsing on UR Browser. It has a built-in virus scanner too. All your searches will be redirected to HTTPS sites automatically too. You can also customize the browser using your own image as the home screen background. It also supports widget personalization as you like. UR Browser also downloads files four times faster than the other best web browsers.


Slimjet's Lightest PC Browser

Slimjet is a fast web browser based on Chromium. It offers an ad-free experience with powerful ad blocking features. Slimjet is also equipped with advanced anti-tracking technology. This helps prevent all kinds of phishing and malware attempts to invade your privacy. You can also download up to 12x faster with Slimjet. It even displays the current weather conditions and weather forecast in a browser window.

There are more features in Slimjet, which makes it the best Windows 10 browser. This includes a smart auto-fill function, YouTube video downloader, online video recorder, and more. It also allows customizing the toolbar for a better browsing experience. Slimjet is compatible with most of the plugins and extensions designed for Chrome too. You even get full mouse gesture support in the browser.

Tor Browser

The Lightest Tor PC Browser

Tor Browser is the most reliable option for private browsing. It is somewhat similar to Mozilla Firefox. However, it is much lighter and productive in blocking ads. Tor Browser also hides your browser and device information. It also routes your data traffic through different nodes spread around the world. This helps protect your identity from being revealed when you surf the web.

You also get multiple layers of encryption with Tor Browser. This makes it the best browser when it comes to privacy and security. You can also access sites restricted by your ISP in Tor Browser. The browser also hides your HTTPS web activity. This ensures that your web activity leaves no traces.

UC Browser

The Lightest PC Browser UCBrowser

UC Browser is one of the most popular mobile browsers out there. It gives you the same experience on the computer. You get fast page loading, a dedicated download manager, smart video downloader, and more. It even comes with a custom video player, which you can use to watch movies on your PC.

You can expect reliable browsing speed from UC Browser even with slow internet speed. The browser's built-in ad blocker prevents annoying ads from ruining your experience. It even allows you to open multiple tabs with one click. Doing so won't consume more CPU resources either. There are two default themes in UC Browser. It supports Google Chrome extensions too.

Choosing the Lightest PC Browser

Most of us are familiar with such giants as Google Chrome (which is popular today), Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and so on. It's true that this browser does its job pretty well and does some extra work too. But a lesser known fact is that they can be heavy on your PC.

We all live in the information age, so the term internet is not new to most people. Moreover, it is a known fact that the main way of accessing the internet is through a browser. This list of lightest pc browsers guarantees maximum speed to your system by utilizing less memory and CPU power. As such, this lightweight browser has to bypass some of the main browser features. It's a trade-off when you're looking for a light browser, and most of these features go unused most of the time.

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