12 Ways to Speed Up Downloads on Chrome PC and Android

12 Ways to Speed Up Downloads on Chrome PC and Android

12 Ways to Speed Up Downloads on Chrome PC and Android

 Having a slow download speed is something that is not liked by everyone. If you experience the same thing on the Google Chrome web browser. Here's how to speed up downloads on Chrome PC and Android.

As we know Chrome is one of the fastest and most used browsers in the market. However, you may have a bit of a problem because the speed when downloading files is always slow. In this post, we will share tips on how to speed up downloads on Chrome PC and Android.

How To Speed Up Downloads In Chrome

Before using the method below, you should make sure that a slow internet connection is not the cause of your slow download speed. If the download speed is normal on other devices or browsers on the same network, then you can follow the methods below to speed up Chrome's slow download speed.

1. Close tabs that are not used when downloading files

Close Unused Tabs

Every tab that is open in the browser consumes some resources. Chrome will have very few resources to work with when so many tabs are open and you are downloading files. Therefore, the lack of RAM resources can slow down the download process.

In addition to using RAM, each open tab makes the internet slow. So the more tabs you have open, the slower the internet becomes, causing files to take longer to download. Try closing unused tabs individually to see if there is a difference in download speed.

2. Turn off all used VPNs

Turn off All VPNs

The next way to speed up downloads in Chrome is to turn off the VPN. Maybe all of you are aware that browsing the internet will be safer with a VPN. However, if the VPN server is too far from you, data packets will take longer to move between your location and the server. This will slow down Chrome's browsing process as well as its download speed. Check if removing the VPN connection increases the download speed.

3. Update Chrome

Chrome updates can get rid of hidden issues and improve performance. Download speed may slow down if Chrome is not updated to the latest version. To see if Chrome has been updated, follow these steps.

Chrome updates

1. In the upper right corner, click the three dots icon.

2. In the upper left corner, click About Chrome.

If Chrome has been updated, you will see the message "Google Chrome is up-to-date". If not, update and download the file again. Enable auto-updates to avoid facing the same problem in the future.

4. Disconnect Other Devices From the Same Internet Connection

Disconnect Other Devices From The Same Internet Connection

Having too many devices connected to the same internet connection can slow down Chrome's downloading and browsing capabilities. If you use the internet connection together with other devices, ask them to disconnect from the internet until you finish downloading.

If you have connected the devices to the same internet connection, disconnect it to see if that speeds up the download. You can also move your PC closer to your modem/router to increase signal strength.

5. Enable Parallel Downloading

Parallel downloading divides files into small chunks and downloads them simultaneously. Multiple connections to download files reduces the load on the server, which speeds up the download process. Chrome automatically bundles these small packages into the final download file once downloaded.

To enable parallel downloading in Chrome, follow these steps:

Enable Parallel Downloading

1. Open a new tab.

2. Open the chrome://flags/ area.

3. Look for parallel downloading.

4. Enable the option from the dropdown.

5. Relaunch your chrome browser.

Note: Turn this feature off if it has a negative impact on download speed.

6. Clear browsing data

Temporary files can cause delays in the data download process if they accumulate in the browser. Therefore, deleting cookies can help speed up the download process in Chrome.

Clear Browsing Data

1. Press CTRL + H.

2. Click Clear browsing data.

3. Select all options, including cookies and cache data.

4. Tap Clear data.

Performing this action will delete all stored usernames, passwords, and other information. If you want to stay intact, you can create a new account in the same Chrome browser without cached data or stored cookies.

7. Turn on Chrome Lite Mode

Turn on Chrome Lite Mode

This is the most effective way to speed up downloads on Chrome Android. Namely by activating lite mode. According to Google, when this feature mode is activated, users can save up to 60% quota and make viewing simpler and faster.

8. Disable Extensions

Disable Extensions

Chrome extensions can also interfere with the download process in some cases. Turn off extensions one by one to see the effect on download speed. If while disabling certain extensions can increase download speed. Permanently remove these extensions from Chrome.

9. Enable Chrome Prefetch

Another way to speed up downloads on Google Chrome is to use the Chrome Prefetch feature. This feature will predict or guess what you will be looking for next in Chrome. That way Chrome will load the background and make the page to be opened faster. Follow the instructions below to enable it:

Enable Chrome Prefetch

1. Click the dot icon in the upper right corner.

2. Open Settings.

3. In the upper left corner, click Privacy and security

4. Click Cookies and other site data.

5. Scroll down and activate the Preload pages option for faster browsing and searching.

10. Disable Hardware Acceleration Chrome

The hardware acceleration process transfers high-graphics computations to hardware such as the GPU, so that the CPU does not have to handle as many workloads. But sometimes, it increases browser and application performance and can slow down download speed.

If you have enabled it, try turning it off and see the effect on download speed. Turn it back on if turning it off further slows down the download. To disable hardware acceleration in Chrome, follow the steps below.

Disable Hardware Acceleration

1. Open Settings.

2. Scroll down and go to advanced settings.

3. In system settings, turn off “Use hardware acceleration when available”.

11. Enable QUIC Protocol

The next way to speed up downloads in Chrome is to activate the QUIC Protocol. QUIC is an experimental protocol created by Google and first introduced to the public in 2013. This protocol can send simple packets using the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) without a connection quickly and easily.

QUIC is also even superior to TCP in terms of much faster connection settings. To activate it, follow the instructions below:

Enable QUIC Protocol

1. Go to chrome://flags/.

2. Search for QUIC Protocol.

3. After finding it, select the enable option from the dropdown to enable it.

12. Use Download Managers

Use Download Managers

The last and most effective way to speed up downloads in Chrome is to use a download manager. This app works in the same way as parallel downloading in Chrome. Each part of the file is downloaded separately, which reduces the pressure on the server. All files that you download are carried out using maximum bandwidth and connection.

Not only that, in Chrome you may need to download files from the beginning when the connection is lost. With the download manager you can maintain the parts that have been downloaded and resume downloads from where the connection was lost.

The most popular download manager to speed up your download speed is IDM (Internet Download Manager).

Downloads: Internet Download Manager (Windows | Mac)


So, those are some ways to speed up downloads in Chrome. As an additional tip for maximum speed, download one file at a time, and if the download speed is still slow, consider using a download manager application. Because it is a powerful tip to maximize your download speed.

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