100+ Complete CMD (Command Prompt) Commands

100+ Complete CMD (Command Prompt) Commands

100+ Complete CMD (Command Prompt) Commands

 Command Prompt or commonly known as CMD allows you to do things that are not available in the GUI of the Windows OS. There are a number of CMD commands that you can use as a tool. Maybe the Command Prompt is a bit complicated for most people, but on the positive side the time used to do the command will be faster. Therefore, the admin provides you with some complete CMD commands which you can use regularly to do various jobs easily and comfortably.

List of CMD (Command Prompt) Commands

Function Command

Add Hardware Wizard hdwwiz.cpl

Programs and Features appwiz. cpl

Administrative Tools appwiz. cpl

Bluetooth Transfer Wizard fsquirt

Calculator calc

Certificate Manager certmgr. msc

Character Map charmap

Check Disk Utility chkdsk

Check Windows Version cmd

Component Services dcomcnfg

Computer Management compmgmt. msc

Control Panel controls

Date And Time timedate. cpl

Device Manager devmgmt. msc

Direct X Troubleshooter dxdiag

Disk Cleanup Utility cleanmgr

Disk Defragment dfrg.msc

Disk Management diskmgmt. msc

Disk Partition Manager diskpart

Display Properties control desktop

Display Properties desk. cpl

Driver Verifier Utility verifier

Event Viewer eventvwr. msc

File Signature Verification Tool sigverif

Control fonts

Game Controllers joy. cpl

Group Policy Editor gpedit.msc

iexpress wizard iexpress

Internet Properties inetcpl. cpl

Keyboard Properties control keyboard

Local Security Settings secpol. msc

Local Users and Groups lusrmgr.msc

Exit Windows logoff

Malicious Software Removal Tool mrt

Microsoft Paint mspaint

Microsoft Syncronization Tool mobsync

Mouse Properties control mouse

Mouse Properties main. cpl

Network Connections control net connections

Network Connections ncpa. cpl

Notepad notepad

On Screen Keyboard osk

Performance Monitor perfmon. msc

Perfmon Performance Monitor

Phone and Modem Options telephon. cpl

Phone Dialer dialer

Power Configuration powercfg. cpl

Printers and Faxes control printers

Regional Settings intl. cpl

Registry Editor regedit

Registry Editor regedit32

Remote Access Phonebook rasphone

Remote Desktop mstsc

Resultant Set of Policy rsop.msc

Scheduled Tasks control scheduled tasks

Security Center wscui. cpl

Services services. msc

Shared Folders fsmgmt. msc

Shuts Down Windows shutdown

Sounds and Audio mmsys. cpl

SQL Client Configuration cliconfg

System Configuration Utility msconfig

System Information msinfo32

System Properties sysdm. cpl

Task Manager taskmgr

Telnet Client telnet

Utility Manager utilman

Utility Manager utilman

Edit Boot Settings bootcfg

Encrypting or Decrypting Files/Folders cipher

Clearing The Screen cls

Managing Stored Usernames/Passwords cmdkey

Change Text Color to CMD color (0-9, AF)

Converting FAT drives to NTFS convert

Delete Files del

Displays a list of files and folders in dir

Showing Message On Screen echo

Deleting One Or More Files erase

Open Windows Explorer explorer

Formatting Disk format

Know the ftype file extension

Displays Mac Address getmac

Help CMD help

Displays Hotsname hostname

Edit Disc Labels labels

Create a makecab .cab file

Create a New Folder md

Open Windows Installer msiexec

Manage net Network Resources

Test Network Connection ping

Printing Text Files print

Shutdown Computer ps shutdown

Know File And Volume Utilities fsutil

File Transfer Protocol ftp

Displays the Resultant Set Of Policy information gpresult

Update Group Policy Settings gpupdate

Comparing Two fc files

Finding Text Strings In File find

Searching for a String in a File findstr


So these are some CMD commands that you can use to use Windows in a faster, different and unique way. Also, you will have access to some very powerful customizations. If the admin missed the cmd command, please let the admin know in the comments column below.

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