10 Ways to Improve SmartPhone Performance

10 Ways to Improve SmartPhone Performance

10 Ways to Improve SmartPhone Performance

 We all want a fast phone. Whether it's using an older device or using one of the latest phones, staying the same faster is always better.

There are many ways to improve the performance of your smartphone. Unfortunately, not all of these methods work. The good news is, admin has tested everything for you guys. Read on to find out how to improve smartphone performance.

1.Battery Life

Most modern devices use Lithium-Ion batteries, which work best when kept between 50-80% charged. Therefore, it is healthier to have your battery recharged in small amounts throughout the day as opposed to one long charge from empty (as opposed to what most of us do and leave it charged every night!). Make sure you only use official chargers too, unapproved third party versions can cause damage to the battery and recent findings show that it can be very dangerous.

2. Clear App Cache

Optimize app functionality and speed by clearing app cache/temporary files on the device. You can also tidy up open or cached applications by closing them if they are running in the background process. Research has shown that 44% of performance issues on Android handsets are caused by cached or open apps, so it's best to take a moment to close what you're not using.

3. Clear Data Storage

You can increase camera functionality by freeing up device storage. The best way to do this is to regularly move photos and videos to a cloud storage service like iCloud or Google Photos instead of storing them on the device (they can also serve as good data backups to prevent data loss).

4. Signal Problems

If you have problems with the network signal, apart from checking that the SIM is installed properly, check to make sure there is no problem with the account or network coverage in your area. While this is not a problem, you can also check the provider's website or social media accounts to make sure there isn't a widespread network outage.

5. Uninstall the Anti-Virus Application

Avoid installing multiple anti-virus applications. Having lots of them won't make your device any more secure, but it will definitely eat up your device's storage and eat up more of your battery life.

6. Check SD Card

Having trouble reading external storage like SD card? If you are using a new SD card for the first time, check if the format is suitable for your device. Check the condition of the card slot from dust or damage then check the physical condition of the card itself. If there is no visible damage, you can try connecting it to your computer.

7. Turn Off Device Regularly

Consider turning off your devices completely at least once a week. This will help freshen up the operating system and help keep it running optimally (even technology needs a break sometimes!)

8. Delete Cookies And Browser History

If your touchscreen is unresponsive or starts responding slowly, try cleaning the screen using the method recommended by the smartphone manufacturer. You can also try restarting your device and clearing temporary internet files, cookies and browser history.

9. Delete Unnecessary Applications

Sometimes unused third-party apps can cause problems. Try deleting applications that are not in use to improve the performance of your device.

10. Data Usage

Turn off the “mobile data” feature for non-essential apps to improve overall battery life and reduce data usage.

Automatic app updates over mobile data will likely eat up your data plan, but most devices will have the option to do this over WiFi only. You can also check if your mobile browser has a 'data saver' setting and avoid downloading large files while you are on mobile data (from email, WhatsApp, etc.).

11. Use a VPN

You can use a vpn for your phone if the internet connection is not stable, because this can increase the download speed. Why did it happen? Isn't it slower when using an outside IP address? Not. If you use a VPN like that it will indeed be slower.

But if you use a VPN as a private network, then the network is barrier-free. Simply put, you use the streets yourself. There was no one else so the speed increased even more. You can usually only get this when using a paid VPN or VPN available at banking offices, which are private networks.


So, those are some ways to improve smartphone performance. Some settings on your cellphone can help your device run smoothly, but you have to know which settings are useful to improve your smartphone's performance.

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