10 Linux Distros For Beginners And Stable To Use

10 Linux Distros For Beginners And Stable To Use

10 Linux Distros For Beginners And Stable To Use

 Are you looking for a Linux distro that is suitable for beginners? Find out everything through the following list of Linux distros for beginners.

As everyone knows that some Linux distros come with a lot of complications for their users. But over time, the Open source community has made great efforts to bring Linux closer to regular Windows and mac users by making it more user friendly and easy to use. In this article, we will provide a list of Linux distros for beginners.


Linux Distro For Ubuntu Beginners

Ubuntu is a famous Linux distro. It is ideal for users who want to dabble in Linux every day while learning the basics. Technically, Ubuntu is derived from Debian, and comes with a Long Team Support (LTS) release.

You can install a stable version of the OS on your desktop without causing unnecessary trouble. It ships with the GNOME desktop environment by default and has out-of-the-box applications such as Firefox, LibreOffice, music players, and video players such as Rhythmbox and Audacious pre-installed for use.

Downloads: Ubuntu

2. Linux Mint

Linux Distro For Beginners Linux Mint

Are you looking for a lightweight Linux distro? If so, then try using Linux Mint. It can provide a people-friendly experience for beginners and is easy to use. Linux Mint does not come with the GNOME desktop. Instead, it comes with its own native environments, such as Xfce, Cinnamon, and MATE.

It is only available in 64-bit, as Linux Mint has dropped its support for 32-bit versions. After installation, you can enjoy a new look and feel enriched by polished icons, new themes, revamped taskbar, and high resolution background images.

Downloads: Linux Mint

3. Elementary OS

Linux Distro For Elementary OS Beginners

If you are a big Windows fan, then you might like Elementary OS. This distro replicates the look and feel of Windows, proving to be an ideal platform for designers and creative people alike. Its modern, sleek, and intuitive desktop design makes Elementary OS distro easy to use for beginners.

The initial installation and layout is fairly lightweight, focusing on productivity and privacy. In its latest release, Elementary OS offers a multitasking view, Do Not Disturb mode, and Picture-in-Picture to ensure an optimal productivity experience. Like Ubuntu, it has been built on top of GNOME and comes with its own desktop environment, Pantheon.

Downloads: Elementary OS

4. Pop!_OS

Linux Distro For Beginners Pop!_OS

In recent years, Pop!_OS has managed to gain immense traction thanks to some of its unique features like Pop Shell and a separate version of the distro that comes with pre-installed NVIDIA drivers, which makes it one of the best distros for gaming.

Not only that, Pop!_OS is also an Ubuntu-based distro which means it's quite stable. Pop!_OS' default desktop was GNOME until recently, System76 decided to create its own environment called COSMIC, which was based on GNOME. Overall, this is definitely one of the best Linux distros for beginners.

Download: Pop!_OS

5. Zorin OS

Linux Distro For Beginners Zorin OS

Apart from Linux Mint, Zorin OS is another major player focusing on user friendliness. Zorin OS bills itself as a replacement for Windows and macOS. With a Windows-like interface and designed to be friendly to new Linux users, Zorin OS is easily the best Linux distro for Windows users.

Its Windows 10 styled desktop is great and makes things easier for Windows lovers. It also ships with a version of Ubuntu Software that addresses most of the software beginners' needs. Zorin is also highly recommended for older PCs or systems with low CPU and RAM specifications.

Download: Zorin OS

6. MX Linux

Linux Distro For Beginners MX Linux

Unlike other distributions that call it lightweight or performance-focused, MX Linux labels itself as a mid-range operating system. Thanks to the easy installation process and familiar interface, new users feel right at home using MX Linux.

With decent hardware recognition and automatic configuration for an out-of-the-box experience, GNU/Linux-based Debian is also stable for reliable performance. The default desktop environment used by this beginner-friendly distro is Xfce.

Download: MXLinux

7. Solus

Linux Distro For Beginners Solus

Solus is an independent Linux distribution built from scratch. It follows “Install today. Updates forever” model that promises to provide regular updates with a rolling release model. As well as offering installation media with a variety of desktop environments, the Solus team has also created their own Budgie desktop environment.

Linux beginners will surely love the look and feel of Solus as it is elegant and clean. Even though Solus's selection of custom software is smaller compared to other distros, the apps are really tweaked to make the default software really useful.

This distro is also known for its smooth and hiccup-free experience when it comes to hardware issues. Other than that, as expected, the installation is smooth, and you can get a working system up and running in no time. It also comes with pre-bundled developer tools, which makes it one of the best distros for programming. It's also one of the best non-Ubuntu based distros out there.

Download: Solus

8. Deepin Linux

Linux Distro For Beginners Deepin Linux

Just like Elementary OS, Deepin Linux is another visually appealing Linux distro for beginners. Developed by the Chinese Linux community, Deeping was created to provide a functional Linux desktop experience. One thing that sets Deepin apart is its installation process, which is one of the simplest.

Deepin Linux offers beginners a clean and simple user interface. Icons and color themes look modern and eye candy. To access the system settings, you need to access the right pane which allows the user to manage all the settings, users, themes, wallpapers, etc. Deepin Linux uses the Deepin Desktop Environment (DDE).

This Linux distro also comes with many useful pre-installed programs like Chrome, Nautilus file manager, Deepin media player, USB Creator, PDF viewer, LibreOffice, etc. Even Deepin is also suitable for experienced linux users.

Download: Deepin Linux

9. Manjaro Linux

Linux Distro For Beginners Manjaro Linux

After Linux Mint and Elementary OS, Manjaro is admin's third favorite Linux distro on this list of Linux distros for beginners. Manjaro is one of the best non-Ubuntu Linux distros for users who are bored with Ubuntu based distros. It's often called Arch Linux, and there are many good reasons to support this argument. However, it should be noted that the learning curve is more difficult compared to other distros.

Manjaro is based on Arch Linux, and is one of the fastest growing Linux distros. It's an attractive, easy-to-use Linux distro and seems like a perfect Windows replacement. Manjaro maintains its own package repository to make it a user friendly Linux distro.

It comes with its own installer for easy installation. It should be noted that Manjaro is a Rolling Linux distribution, which means it is constantly being updated. Another great feature of Manjaro is that a novice will love the ability to switch between different Linux kernels effortlessly. The main editions of Manjaro Linux are Xfce and KDE. There are also other community editions.

Download: Manjaro Linux

10.Linux Lite

Linux Distro For Beginners Linux Lite

If you want to use a Linux distro that is suitable for beginners and works well on computers with rebdag specifications? Well, in that case, you should give Linux Lite a try. As the name suggests, it doesn't demand much from you.

Based on the Ubuntu LTS release, it is fully functional out-of-the-box. What does it mean? This means that new Linux users don't need to install additional software to do their daily work. This includes Firefox, GIMP, LibreOffice, Thunderbird, VLC media player, etc.

Linux Lite has a menu similar to Windows, making it easier for Windows users planning to move to Linux. It also provides auto boost for smooth operation. So, if you want to try Linux on a laptop/PC with low specs, Linux Lite is the right choice. Linux Lite runs the Xfce desktop environment by default.

Downloads: Linux Lite


So that's some Linux distros for beginners. Even though there are many other distros that are suitable for beginners, the admin only includes the distros that are considered the most popular and are recommended for newcomers. If you are a beginner, I hope this guide will help you make the right decision when starting the switch to Linux.

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